How Does Training Fit In?

Training is a significant feature of professional learning and has lasting impact when it’s put to use. Knowledge and skills learned in the training room must be applied in the classroom.

In school settings, the best professional learning trusts teachers to collaborate, over time, to solve problems, framed as pupil needs. For example, ‘How can we help our students to engage more consistently with their learning?’ is a realistic aspiration of many teachers which can be tackled through a mix of training, study, classroom research and coaching.

Training is necessary but not sufficient for quality professional development. It must be integral to a wider strategy and designed with the other components of the strategy in mind. Whether it’s a one-off day, or a series of sessions, training must be viewed as part of the picture, not the whole.

Consider training if you need to add new knowledge, ideas and methods into your practice or if you wish to revisit and review existing methods.

At which points during your professional development cycle do you most need training? What form should it take and what content must it include?

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