When Not to Coach

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When Not to Coach I'm sitting with my father. He's 93. Health failing but still fighting. Maybe you've been there - That time when you need to make plans for an elder. When you're no longer the child. You're the parent now. It's on you. I want to respect his wishes. I want to preserve his autonomy and agency. So I do what I do best - professionally that is - I coach. I ask. I listen. I say, 'What kind of thing might work best for you here dad?' and 'How would you like to deal with...?' [...]

A New Variant (of Tiredness)

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Finally. Finally I am back working face to face. Training, teaching, coaching, mentoring. The school landscape has changed over 16 months. Or rather, what's underneath the landscape has changed. People are tired; tired in ways they've not known and in ways they struggle to describe or understand. I do my best to help them. Here's a thought to make sense of it: March 2020. Chaos. The unknown, the unexpected, the overwhelming. The wicked. I wrote about that, here. We rallied, pulled on our reserves, created, adapted, struggled and (kind of) got there. When I realised what COVID-19 actually meant to [...]

The Only Tip You’ll Ever Need To Stop Procrastinating

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It took me 15 seconds to begin writing this article and 30 minutes to finish it. Last year it might be anything up to a day to start and two to finish. Why the difference? One word: 'Just'. Just start writing; just write for 2 minutes; just get your ideas down. I realised that for most for my writing life I'd been accompanied by a writing demon - a voice in my head with a soft and charming message, triggered whenever I thought of writing a blog or a book or an article. Here's what it says/said: Make sure you've got [...]

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