Instructional Coaching

What is Instructional Coaching?

Instructional coaching focuses on developing the core practice of a profession. For teachers this comprises the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be a successful classroom educator. This includes the planning, delivery and assessment of learning; classroom organisation and developing pupil learning behaviours. Each area then divides into smaller, more specific competencies such as questioning, matching content to learner needs and developing pupils’ autonomy and collaboration.


This type of coaching has much in common with mentoring and is usually carried out by a more experienced practitioner, often using a framework such as the GROW model or Directed Practice. Typically, coach and coachee both study the particular area of development then model it to each other outside of the classroom. They then repeat it within a live lesson, all the while making use of objective feedback and evaluating against quality standards.

4x4 Coaching

Thinking Classroom's unique 4x4 coaching model provides an accelerated way to improve practice one step at a time. Mentor and mentee take turns modelling live (2 sessions) and debriefing each other (2 sessions) while focusing their observations and practice on 4 key questions.

Thinking Classroom Instructional Coaching

Thinking Classroom has been supporting classroom teachers since 2001 using a variety of instructional coaching techniques.

Consider instructional coaching if you are starting out as a teacher or if you are established but wish to learn a new technique or brush up on your existing approaches.

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