Effective Teaching

Effective Teaching

Training for effective teaching must be founded in evidence-based practice and inspired by established educational research. That’s not to say there isn’t room for improvisation and creativity, after all, teaching is a social and emotional endeavor. It’s just that children only get each learning day once, so we are duty bound to make it a good learning day.

Effective teaching is the integration of what the science of teaching says we should do, with what the art of teaching says we can do. Training for effective teaching respects this balance.

Thinking Classroom has developed the Challenge 10 Toolkit (C10) for effective teaching. This is a set of generic classroom tools which can be applied to any subject and adapted for any age group. Each tool has been chosen for a specific purpose and links directly to effective pedagogy. The tools are so adaptable that they are used themselves in training sessions, giving participants direct experience of the very same techniques they will then go on to use with pupils.

Thinking Classroom C10 Training

Consider Training for Effective Teaching if you need to improve the quality of teaching and learning generally or in a specific area. The Thinking Classroom C10 toolkit can also be used to design bespoke training for any subject or theme.

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