National Curricula

A National Curriculum

Education is foundational to a nation’s economic success and to the wellbeing of its people. High levels of literacy, numeracy, creativity and entrepreneurship, together with motivation and morality, drive a country forward. And the task of a national curriculum is to facilitate this aspiration while persevering cultural identity.

The content of a nation’s official curriculum is a delicate balance between different agendas. The opinions of government, teachers, subject experts and interest groups are bound to collide. At best this leads to consultation, healthy debate and a final product that is better than any group could have designed alone. At worst we get dilution through compromise or an overemphasis on one area.

Forward thinking governments design broad and balanced curricula that preserve the past and equip for the future. They balance Shakespeare with STEM; phonics with free-play; and knowledge with skills. They attempt to pitch between guidance and direction so that schools know what they must teach yet have the freedom and resources to determine how.

Thinking Classroom Curriculum Design

Thinking Classroom has been involved first hand with the design and resourcing of National Curricula through partnership with Britannica Digital, specifically The Japanese STEAM curriculum and EKB – the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. We have carefully crafted interactive online materials to support each nation's 2030 vision for education.

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