Video Coaching

What is Instructional Video Coaching?

Instructional video coaching makes use of synchronous or asynchronous video to modify and even redefine the coaching process.

The asynchronous approach uses a video recording of a lesson (or part of it) as the subject of the coaching session. With the correct permissions, access and data protections in place, coach and coachee watch the recording together, looking for examples of effective practice and for aspects that need work. For example, they may focus on the teacher’s interaction with certain students or on her movement around the classroom.

The synchronous approach is live and uses a video platform such as IRIS Connect. The coach, in a remote location, observes the lesson in real time while communicating with the teacher via a discrete earpiece. Very short, purposeful comments, agreed beforehand, are used to accelerate professional growth.

In-Ear Live Coaching

During a live coaching session, the teacher receives praise, suggestions and reminders in the moment, instead of having to wait for a debrief at the end of the day. These ‘in-ear comments’ are usually few and far between because a running commentary from the coach would be distracting. However, a well-timed 5-word reminder can produce genuine and lasting impact because it is heard at the exact moment that it is needed.

Thinking Classroom Instructional Video Coaching

We pioneered the use of video coaching through improvised setups comprising phones, tablets and blue tooth earpieces. After some success we were introduced to industry leader IRIS Connect whose platform offered a much expanded opportunity.

Mike developed a standard with IRIS Connect for live in-ear coaching and shared his learning across the UK and US.

Consider instructional video coaching if you are working in a high trust environment, with practitioners of any level who are eager to progress quickly without compromising on the quality and depth of their professional learning.

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