Programme Development

Bespoke Curricula

Organisations often want to share their passion and specialism through educational activities. An in-house education officer may design learning and outreach programmes or an external consultant can be invited to create materials and courses of study.

This kind of curriculum is focussed on specific content which the organisation wants to share. It might be used to inspire interest, to gain membership or sales, or simply to present expert knowledge and skills.

Standard curriculum design principles apply in which the purpose and outcome are defined, the balance of content agreed, and the sequence of delivery mapped out.

Thinking Classroom Programme Design

Thinking Classroom has designed face-to-race and multi-media programmes of study for UK local authorities and private organisations. In 2019 it partnered with English Heritage to create materials and learning experiences for the Telling Tales annual focus. This concept connected English Heritage properties to local schools and integrated the richness of the historic site with the expectations of a school history curriculum.

Conceptual plans were made to create national ‘Heritage Hubs’ but unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has halted that development for now.

Consider programme development if you need expert support in designing and delivering a bespoke curriculum linked directly to your organisation.

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