Group Coaching

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching is a facilitated and structured technique designed for a small group of professionals working at an equal level of responsibility. For example, our Thinking Heads service facilitates groups of 6-8 headteachers to use coaching principles in a collaborative setting, working confidentially on each others’ challenges.

Each member of the group has an equal time in which to present their issue and to receive in turn, coaching questions, suggestions or advice from their colleagues.

Different formats and processes are provided by the facilitating coach to meet the specific needs of each group. This might include high order coaching questions, the visual representation of problems or structures such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, Cynefin or the Conflicting Values Framework to help guide thinking.


The benefits of group coaching can be as simple as being heard with empathy and without judgement by supportive colleagues. Knowing that others face, or have faced, similar issues can quickly shift your focus away from the problem and on to the solution.

We see time and time again that the wisdom of the group, if facilitated well, is far greater than the wisdom of any individual within it. The combined experience and thinking of the many offers great benefit to the one.

Thinking Classroom Group Coaching and Thinking Heads

Thinking classroom has developed a unique model of group coaching based on 10 different session frameworks. Individual sharing is preceded by a short expert input and follows a format chosen to suit group needs. This is currently running face-to-face and online for Headteachers (Thinking Heads) but can be adapted for senior and middle leaders.

Consider group coaching if you wish to utilise the power and experience of the group towards improving both individual and collective effectiveness.

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