How to Build a School: Guidance from The Ministry of Learning

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The Ministry of Learning requests that you use the following guidelines when submitting a school design: ONE: PROBLEMDefine the problem you aim to solve and make sure those funding the school agree. The problem might be, 'How do we best prepare our children for their futures?' or 'What's the most effective way to equip and empower global citizens?' or 'How do we provide the most purposeful teaching and learning on the planet/to save the planet?' Problems such as, 'How do we get the best exam scores?' or 'How do we get the best school grading?' will not be accepted. TWO: [...]

How to Blend Learning #1

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The 'blended' in 'blended learning' means combining in-class with online teaching. It can be synchronous (live) or asynchronous. It's touted as one way to be lockdown ready. I propose it's the only way to be 21st century ready. It's not something to do 'while we get through this'. It's a permanent redefinition of learning. What it offers is long overdue: a necessary kick start to finally break from the educational practices that fuelled the first Industrial Revolution, to fully prepare students for the demands of the fourth. We need to get this right. Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash There [...]

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