What is Mediation?

Conflict at work is inevitable yet it can be a healthy and creative process. New ideas, innovations, solutions and stronger relationships can emerge through professional debate and challenge.

However, a difference of opinion, a misunderstanding or an unmet need can become something much worse than the incident or situation that caused it. Then productivity goes down, people take time off or take sides. They get ill or the workplace becomes toxic. People avoid each other and focus on a perceived grievance rather than their roles.

Mediation is a way to repair and heal relationships when there is this kind of conflict. The mediator takes a neutral position in order to fully understand the situation. Both parties are heard without judgment and supported to find a sustainable resolution.

Thinking Classroom Mediation

Mike offers a structured workplace mediation service that is:

  • Confidential - no information, exchanges or records are shared
  • Impartial - each party is treated equally and without judgement or bias
  • Voluntary - parties enter mediation of their own free will
  • Self-Determined - parties are empowered to create their own resolution

Over the course of a day Mike meets with each party separately to really understand their story. He then helps them prepare to describe their point of view to the other party. Mike then creates a safe space where each person can safety express their position and needs. He then supports both parties in finding a practical and sustainable way forward.

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