Organisational Coaching

What is Organisational Coaching?

Organisational coaching describes how coaching is embedded at all levels and how it becomes part of the culture. It’s about how the organisation as a whole uses coaching to meet its aims.

Organisations with an authentic coaching culture operate from principles of empowerment rather than power; they use purposeful challenge rather than punitive criticism and they seek first to ask, to reflect and to encourage rather than to tell, judge and direct.

A Coaching-Inspired School Journey

For example, a school may start with a shared understanding of the purpose and practice of coaching, then employ external coaches to develop an in-house coaching capacity.

A strategic plan is written that details how the school will transform into a coaching organisation. The plan includes specific training opportunities and dedicated time for coaching to take place.

The ethos then grows by embedding some form of coaching across the whole organisation, whether this is within lessons, in the staff room, at governor meetings, for senior leadership or when working with outside agencies.

Everyone in the organisation will be involved in coaching in some way and the natural approach to opportunity and challenge will be a coaching stance.

Thinking Classroom Organisational Coaching

Thinking Classroom has helped schools to develop a coaching ethos and practice. This has involved the combination of executive, instructional and group coaching and even the training of pupil coaches.

Consider organisational coaching it your place of work needs to become more effective, more collaborative and if you want it to transform into an environment of supportive challenge and autonomy.

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