Executive Coaching and Mentoring

A confidential and personal professional development service for senior and executive leaders in education and business.

Mike is an ILM Level 7-qualified and externally supervised executive coach working in person and online. Further information:

Workplace Mediation

An informal, structured and confidential process designed to resolve work place conflict, rebuild relationships and restore productivity.

Mike is a nationality accredited workplace mediator offering conflict resolution services to education and business. Further information:


Bespoke onsite or online training to develop highly effective teachers at any level.

Mike has been training nationally and internationally since 2001 and offers highly practical workshops, training days, conference keynotes and long term programmes.

His work empowers educators to provide pupils with the knowledge, qualities and abilities necessary to be successful and effective contributors to their communities, workplaces and nation. Send Mike a message about your needs or challenges to find out how he can support your school’s development:

Curriculum Development and Resources

A full package of curriculum design, pedagogical consultation, graphic design/layout and editorial services.

Mike has helped develop curricula for organisations in all continents and for several Ministries of Education, as well as for individual schools. Using extensive knowledge of teaching, learning, psychology, change, leadership and design he will coach you through your curriculum development journey and provide multi-media resources that bring it to life. Send Mike a message about your curriculum aims to find out how he can support your its development: