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Website terms and conditions

Hi there. So you’re the sort of person who’s curious about Terms and Conditions eh? Well good on you. Always best to be sure. The summary below should guide you in the right direction. There’s more detail under that if you want it and if I need to add anything more I’ll do so when appropriate. Any questions or suggestions, please mail:
No terms and conditions are watertight so here are the guiding principles that operate when you use Please stick to them.
Respect for each other and for our diverse views and opinions
Honesty & Trust in the use of resources and ideas
Positive attitude when engaging with the site resources and community
Good humour & integrity when taking part

Audience & Intent exists to help improve teaching and learning worldwide by supporting educators. All content should be driven by this intent.
It is open to all. It is aimed at, but not restricted to, educators of children from birth to 18.
If you need a bit more detail then here it is:
Respect for each other and for our diverse views and opinions.
This means that you’ll use the site in a way that values everyone equally. You know the deal: no offensive language or behaviour, no personal attacks, nothing that could harm or injure anyone else in any way and please stay on task (this is a teaching and learning website).
Respect the fact that we’re all different. We believe different things, value different things, act and speak in different ways. On the other hand, please don’t shy away from healthy professional debate – especially on the discussion forums and in response to blog entries. We often learn far more from those with whom we disagree.

Honesty and trust in the use of resources and ideas

There are different types of resources available at different levels of membership. If you’re browsing the site but not logged in you’ll be able to download limited resources. If you’ve signed up and are logged in more is available. If you’ve paid to be a premium member then you can download and use all site resources. In all cases the resources are for your sole classroom use and can only be copied for use/used inside your classroom. They can’t be sold on or shared without permission.
If you’ve paid for premium membership you’ll get login details for one person. The login is yours and yours alone. Don’t share it with friends and colleagues. If your friends and colleagues in the same school want access too, then we can work out a fair price for multiple logins. Please get in touch if you want to do this.
If you want to include any of the site resources in your own material that shouldn’t be a problem so long as the source is mentioned. Unless it says anything different, the copyright of all material on the site belongs to me so please let me know first what you’d like to do.
If you’ve made a contribution to the site – a resource, a forum post, a blog response or anything else - then I’m assuming I can use this without your direct permission. However in these cases I always do my best to check with you first. Also, please make sure that you’re not stepping on anyone else’s copyright toes if you upload anything. Seek permission if there’s any doubt and don’t pass something off as yours if it isn’t. Some folks are very protective about their intellectual property and we need to respect this.
When you contribute, by all means use a nickname or avatar but don’t pretend to be someone else. That’s just not fair or ethical.
When I suggest a link to another website it’s because I think it supports the aims of Thinking Classroom and is a useful resource. But of course I can’t be responsible for what you find there if you click the link. Likewise, if you post/upload something, I’m not responsible for it. That’s in your hands. Be guided by the site’s values.
If you’re a member of the site I’ll need to hold some details: your name, email address etc. and possibly address (if you order from the shop). Your information is kept safe on a secure server and is never intentionally shared with anyone else. I only use your details to send out the monthly learning update and (if you’ve agreed) mail you about special offers and training events.
Positive attitude when engaging with the site resources and community

Teaching is a tough job. I hope you’ll find support and inspiration on the site when you need it – especially if you’re after ideas and a bit of a professional boost. Please do your best to see the good and the learning in everything found here. Praise and constructive, well-intended criticism in equal measure is good.
Good humour & integrity when taking part

A good dose of humour can work wonders. Please be prepared to see the funny side of life and if you need to take some of the comments and ideas on the site with a pinch of salt then salt is available at all good grocery stores.
Integrity in this context means congruence between what you believe/value and how you act. i.e. be consistent: say what you mean and mean what you say.
If you’re not sure whether what you want to do or say follows these principles then imagine what 3 or 4 reasonably minded people might objectively say about your intentions. If you’re still not sure, go find 3 or 4 reasonably minded people and ask them what they think objectively about your intentions. If you end up deviating from the website principles I’ll let you know. If you do it again I’ll un-member you. It’s two-strikes.
Audience & Intent
Thinking Classroom aims to improve teaching and learning across the world. It does this by offering high quality resources and by providing a way for teachers to discuss learning and to share their ideas. The world is changing and education needs to change to reflect this, but not at the expense of teaching practices that thrive in any context (e.g. the quality of the relationship between teacher and learner; the teacher’s understanding of the learner’s next steps etc.) Your interaction with this website should be driven by the same intent.
The intent of the site is for a diverse group of professional educators around the world to access practical resources and be invited into a lively professional online community. The intent is that site users feel safe, respected, trusted and valued.
The site originates in England and in general is informed by UK and US education policy and practice. However I’m doing my best to understand, learn about and provide for teaching and learning contexts in other parts of the world. If I get it wrong, forgive me. If you can offer any advice, it’s gladly received.
All site resources are stamped with Inevitably children will come across the address and may visit the site. There’s nothing to stop them registering and contributing however the site is not intended for their independent, unsupervised use. I’m not responsible for your learners accessing the site, however, under your guidance they may find things of interest, especially in the teachers’ toolbox.
From time to time Thinking Classroom and its resources may go offline. For example: maintenance, server faults or if someone hacks the site. This has only happened in a major way twice since 2001 but I can’t offer you any compensation if it happens again.
At the end of the day, as a member of this site, I’ll expect you to stick to its principles – as I will. However I’ll need to decide what goes and what doesn’t and I’ll alter these terms if I need to. I’m not responsible for how other people choose to use the site but I’ll do my best to moderate its use. If something on the site offends you or goes against the principles please get it touch with me first.
You need to know that just like other websites, I’m not liable for any losses, legal action, damages, injury or anything else that goes wrong resulting from your use of the site.
Well. That’s the terms and conditions. Well done if you made it this far. Hope it made sense. Please now do go and make good use of the site.
Mike Fleetham
June 2010