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Common responses to Video Coaching:

No way. Not now. Not ever.
Bring it on. Right here. Right now.
I want to know more. Later this week. Or next.
I don't like how I look or sound on camera.
How will it help my students get the grades?

All reactions are equally valuable and reveal the huge range of experience and understanding that us educators bring to new opportunities.

Why do you think that people are generally reluctant to try video coaching but, of those who do give it a go, all but a handful instantly get its value? Here's why. Possibly.

Video Coaching:

Video coaching is coaching with video. (!). It takes many forms and can be highly effective. But like all technologies, it's at its best when it augments and enriches existing coaching. Video is a tool and like all tools, hands need training to use it well.

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Mike's Subscription Video Coaching Group at IRIS Connect


All you need to know about Live Video Coaching - 9 min video


Books Mike's Real Time Coaching

The most effective CPD tool I've ever used.

I first realised the power of real time coaching in early 2012. Inspired by the Super Nanny technique in which parents are coached live and in-ear as they learn to manage their children's behaviour I set to work with a couple of schools to develop a similar technique for the classroom.

Successful attempts with iPads and wireless hotspots quickly led to the discovery of Iris Connect, a powerful concept offering far more than I originally imagined possible.

I use the technology with some of the schools I support. Together we have broken new ground with in-ear remote coaching and strategies for making Iris Connect a sustainable technique for teacher growth.

Take a look at the process in action Opens in a new window - this video shows how a coach and coachee can communicate during a lesson to get pupils more engaged with their learning

Much of my learning journey has been documented elsewhere on the site:
Blog Post: Face Yourself Face Your Talent Face Your Camera
Blog Post: On Being Remote Coached

Books What is Live In-Ear Video Coaching?

Live in-ear video coaching is a technology-based professional development process. A teaching session is observed on-line by a coach who communicates privately with the teacher via a discrete wireless earpiece. The session is viewed using a mobile camera, remotely controlled from within school or from a distant location. The lesson can be recorded and annotated with written, audio and video comments. It may also be analysed using timers, counters and drop-down success criteria. The method rests on strong, trusting professional relationships and remains 100% in the hands of the teacher.

It's a calculated yet worthwhile risk which can enrich and accelerate your professional development. Watching yourself or being observed by trusted colleagues is the purest form of professional reflection possible. Yes it can take a while to get used to your voice, to the way you look on camera and to your choice of skirt/trousers, but that's soon forgotten once you look past the superficial and see the professional at work.

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Books impact studies

Iris Connect Remote Coaching Case Study

Iris Connect Remote Coaching Case Study

A sample of the kind of impact Mike’s coaching techniques can have using Iris Connect technology.

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From RI to Outstanding in 8 Weeks

Embedding a Sustainable Coaching Culture

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