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What's Mike Like ?

Watch a short clip of Mike delivering an 'Endnote' at a conference in Hampshire. Do try the idea he shares at home! And in class....

Books Mike's Training

Mike Fleetham is an education consultant, author and coach who specialises in practical, down-to-earth support for schools. He has over 20 years experience as a classroom teacher, Assistant Headteacher and trainer. He has worked with 100s of organisations across the UK and abroad and has written 12 practical resource books for educators. His award-winning website, has nearly 20,000 members and is used in over 160 countries/territories providing extensive resources and inspiration for classroom teachers. Mike is also a qualified Level 7 ILM Executive Coach and Mentor.

Features of his support for schools can include:

  • Challenge 10 Toolkit (more info)
  • Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Thinking Skills
  • Raising Boys' Achievement
  • Gifted and Talented Provision
  • Executive coaching
  • Video Coaching (Live/Remote)
  • Learning Styles
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Curriculum (re-)design
  • Leadership training
  • Accelerated NQT professional development
  • School Transition

He offers training through the following:

  • Bespoke INSET days tailored directly to your school's needs
  • Group and Team Facilitation
  • Long-Term whole-school training programmes to embed national and school initiatives
  • Non-closure days working directly in class -& ;exemplar lessons
  • Conferences & keynote addresses
  • Consultation and coaching
  • Live in-ear video coaching exclusively with IRIS Connect

Make an enquiry now using the on-line Enquiry Form and find out more.

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Books Training Style

Like most of my colleagues, I enjoyed these experiences and often had a fine meal into the bargain - plus an uninterrupted lunch break. But I'd usually go back to the classroom and make limited, temporary changes to my practice. The impact on my students learning was therefore minimal.

Now that I'm the person leading the training, I want this time to be as effective as possible for you - I want you to gain the confidence, ability and resources to make real changes for your pupils - and then actually go and make them the next day, keep making them, refine them and eventually create your own. How do I do this?

Well, I too aim to entertain, inform, inspire and encourage, but our learning will be practical and hands-on: as it should be in the classroom. I'll use what I know about sustainable adult learning, together with my ongoing classroom teaching experience, to design anything from a twilight to a 2-year programme. So, as well as a nice meal and an uninterrupted lunch hour, you'll get to try out and apply lots of straightforward teaching ideas.

On longer projects I train up in-school champions who take the ideas further once my work is done. I support these champions through webinars and this website's resource library and monthly newsletter.

My approach is 'done with' not 'done to'; in the role of servant coach I'll work with you to get the very best for your learners.

Books Training Examples

Aims underpinning all training

  • raise pupils' achievement and esteem
  • provide alternative, effective and engagingroutes to learning
  • give students learning tools for academic and life success
  • give teachers resources, confidence and a mindset to enrich their practice

Take a look at Powerpoint presentation typical workshop slides

Typical Thinking & Learning Day

  • Experience a range of Smart Thinking tools for immediate use in the classroom - can include Bloom's Taxonomy; Thinking Starters; Collaborative Thinking; Memory Team; Thinking Starters; Creative Matrix; Several Thinking Tools, Thinking Stories and Smart Plenary activities
  • Develop a practical understanding of Growth Mindset, Grit and hard work for the classroom
  • Learn to infuse smart teaching and learning into daily practice and existing curricula
  • Get to grips with Howard Gardner's empowering theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI)
  • Learn how to use MI to raise esteem, enrich assessment and enhance learning
  • Focus on specific school challenges such as: differentiation, progress, engagement, pace, more able learners, boys

Typical Non-Closure Day

A treat for the whole school with 'Mr. Thinker' - introducing Creativity/Learning Styles/Hard Work & Success/Thinking Skills/MI through storytelling, challenges and demonstration lessons.

  • Pre-day Resources - get children thinking before the visit
  • Staff Briefing - introduction to the day
  • Morning Assembly - setting a whole school challenge through storytelling
  • In Class Workshops - demonstration lessons with each class/year
  • Afternoon Assembly - feedback from the day's challenge
  • After School Staff Workshop - how to infuse new activities into daily practice
  • Evening Workshop for Parents, Governors or SMT

Learn About Gritty Learning - The Thinking Classroom GRIT Day

A practical training day looking at the resources, research and real-life classroom examples of Gritty Learning. This can be run as an INSET day for a school or network of schools or as a non-closure day including demonstration lessons and after school-training.

  • Find out about the connection between grit and academic/life success
  • Define grit and customise it for your classroom and school
  • Learn how to make your lessons gritty and your pupils more focussed and determined
  • Plan the what, when and how of developing and leading a gritty school

For more information and to make a booking please get in touch:

Typical Twilight Workshop

  • Experience key Smart teaching and learning tools for immediate use in the classroom
  • Learn how to infuse Smart Teaching into daily practice and curriculum design

Typical Long Term Project

  • School snapshot and outcome planning; benchmarking with pupils
  • Whole school project start INSET day
  • Co-teaching/Lesson Study with trios of teachers
  • Extensive in class work and coaching with lead teachers
  • Series of twilight masterclasses - eventually delivered by lead teachers
  • Video coaching (live in-ear or time-shifted)
  • School snapshot and project evaluation
  • Webinar support for lead teachers

Several long term projects are currently running. If you'd like to find out more get in touch and you'll be able to talk with teachers and school leaders who are part way through these programmes.

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"My staff came back to school buzzing - quite an achievement!"

"The best presentation I have attended for some time. Very thought provoking."

"It was refreshing to hear someone not only outline theory but also offer practical applications - the how? of introducing this into the classroom with real examples."