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Impact Study: Hurstbourne Tarrant CofE Primary School, Hants

Creative Partnerships Enquiry -
How can we develop pupils' higher order thinking skills using creative approaches to teaching and learning?

Headteacher: Mrs Joyce Johnson
CP Creative Agent: Dan Roy
CP Region: Southampton, Portsmouth & Hampshire at the University of Portsmouth
Creative Practitioner:Mike Fleetham

Package: 6 days bespoke training, coaching and strategic consultation
I took this work in 2010 as a Creative Practitioner for Creative Partnerships.

Photo Hurstbourne Tarrant SchoolHurstbourne Tarrant is a small rural school near Andover. Experienced and dynamic staff lead the learning of a very cosmopolitan bunch of learners. HT Joyce Johnson had already established an integrated curriculum. I got involved at the embedding stage.

Learning values underpin all curriculum areas: Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Independence, Creativity, Collaboration, Spirituality. Subjects are learned through themes and infused with these values

'You can't direct the wind but you can adjust the sails.' Anonymous

If staff room walls define a school then this is my sort of school.

I adapted my Premium Impact Package to Hurstbourne's needs: a closure training session, non-closure demo. lessons and 4x4 coaching. This resulted in a genuinely unique solution co-created with the staff and children - no shelves in sight off which to take things!


Whiteboard Plan

Teachers explored their concerns, questions and ideas around creative teaching and learning and began to co-design my input for the rest of the project.






Class of Children

I worked directly with every teacher in their classrooms, demonstrating creative ideas, letting them observe and then decide for themselves what they'd like to try.

I believe it's essential to teach all or a selection of pupils while helping the school grow. How can I really understand the school, how can I really get under its skin if I haven't learned with the students?

Would you judge a car without driving it; a horse without riding or a meal without tasting?


Dan Roy spent a day evaluating the project and discovered many unexpected positive outcomes around different techniques for more effective, independent learning. Here's a Wordle of his findings:

A Wordle

Ofsted was impressed too - with the outstanding use of partnerships and resulting classroom practice. Here's a Wordle of final report comments about the project and its impact:

A Wordle

Next Steps

I designed and delivered a second project to further embed the work above. The focus evolved into 4 areas:

  • Using ICT for creative teaching and learning
  • Children driving creativity forward in the school - The Creativity Council
  • 4x4 coaching model
  • Creative teaching and learning toolbox

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