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Learn more about educational Transition, moving schools, and what we can put in place to minimise the impact on pupil learning and progress. Download resources to help you create or develop your transition programme.
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KEY IDEAS ABOUT TRANSITION An Article introducing Transition.

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Categories: Article, Transition, Other Subject, Educators

Tags: Transition

There are many transitions in life apart from those between schools.

We are born, grow, start school, make friends, change school, move school again, go to college, start work, form serious relationships, produce more humans, change jobs, move house, get promoted/sacked, form new serious relationships, buy fast cars, move country, come back again, bury our relatives, welcome new relatives, begin to wear out, slow down, move to hospital or care home and finally die.

Although very different, each transition has similar themes, and by understanding the significant changes in our own lives we are better placed to support our pupils through theirs.

When pupils move between classes and schools, they don’t suddenly and magically adapt to a new set of requirements and expectations. They need time to learn and time to acclimatise

There is evidence that children who fail to make a successful transition from primary to secondary school are more likely to become alienated, to truant or to create difficulties and disruptions when they are in school. Their concerns generally include:

1. The size and more complex organization of the new school
2. New forms of discipline and authority
3. New demands of work
4. Making new friends
5. The prospect of being bullied

Maurice Galton and colleagues looked in detail at what children might need to progress successfully into secondary education. They identified five areas of effective transition and expressed them using the metaphor of five bridges. Galton argued that pupils must cross each bridge successfully; a challenge made very much easier by timely and informed intervention by Year 6 and Year 7 teachers. The bridges describe school transition but can also be used to think about other life changes like those listed above:

1. The Bureaucratic Bridge
2. The Social and Emotional Bridge
3. The Curriculum Bridge The Academic Bridges
4. The Pedagogy Bridge
5. The Management of Learning Bridge

Schools tend to pay greater attention to 1, 2 and 3. Transition can be even more effective when 4 and 5 are taken into account as well. For example, crossing the pedagogy bridge requires pupils to reflect on their learning preferences, how they learned in the school they are leaving, and how they will be learning in the one they are joining.

Books transition Training

Educational transitions take many forms: between schools, within schools, planned & structured or unexpected & sudden. But all have 5 features in common; features that when addressed can make any change more successful.

My training around educational transition involves work with both pupils and teachers and includes long term strategy and practical transition activities.

It is inspired by the Bridges model developed my Maurice Galton and includes ideas around character, grit and independence

For more information about Transition training for your school please Make an Enquiry or visit the Training Page.

Books transition Books by Mike Fleetham
Thinking Classroom featured transition Resources

Tips for Successful Transition

Tips for Successful Transition Teaching Tips for auditing your existing provision and then helping pupils to think through the process of changing school. Includes Transition Checklist, Patchwork Thinking and questions for the associated Dream Bottles download.

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Tips for Successful Transition164
Categories: Teaching Tips, Transition, Educators, PSHE

Tags: Story Audit Patchwork Thinking

Moving to Secondary School
by Mike Fleetham & Lynda Measor

Moving to Secondary School<br> by Mike Fleetham & Lynda Measor Book with Advice & Activities to Support Transition. Co-authored with Dr Lynda Measor, this book is packed with activities to make transition to secondary school as smooth as possible. Using Galton's 5 bridges model you'll be able to plan effectively for pupils moving from KS2 to KS3. Focussing not only on the paperwork and data, you'll also find out how to manage the smooth transition of teaching, learning, emotions and friendships.

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Categories: Book & EBook, Transition, Junior, Secondary

Tags: Transition Year 6 Year 7

Tips for a Fresh Start

Tips for a Fresh Start Teaching Tips for a Successful Fresh Start. Three simple ideas: Affirmation; RPM; 1-Line Diary.

Categories: Teaching Tips, Transition, Educators, Any Subject

Tags: Induction New Year
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Patchwork Thinking - Transition

Patchwork Thinking - Transition A specific application to secondary transition of the Thinking Skills Tool, Patchwork Thinking

Categories: Thinking Tool, Creative Thinking, Transition, PSHE, Junior, Secondary

Tags: Transition Secondary School
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All Transition Resources
Books featured transition Books

Learning with the Brain in Mind
by Frank McNeil

Learning with the Brain in Mind <br>by Frank McNeil An introduction to brain function and its links to effective learning in school. Covers neuroscience, attention, emotion, memory and brain plasticity. Frequent points for reflection make this an excellent CPD source text.

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Categories: Suggested Books, Professional Development, Transition

Tags: Neuroscience

Thinking Classroom featured transition Web Links

Community Building Games

Community Building Games Many straightforward community building games.

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Categories: Websites, Transition

Tags: Collaboration Community Games