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There's always more to learn about Teaching and Learning. What is quality teaching? Does the best teaching lead to the best learning? What is quality learning? Download articles and resources to & help you explore the theory and the practice.
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KEY IDEAS ABOUT TEACHING AND LEARNING An Article introducing Teaching and Learning.

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Categories: Article, Teaching & Learning, Other Subject, Educators

Tags: Teaching Learning

Here (courtesy of Prof. David Perkins) are three prompts that neatly summarise what teaching and learning are all about:

1. Think of one thing that you can do really well.
2. Recall what experiences you had to be able to do this thing so well.
3. What evidence do you have that you actually can do this thing well?

Go on, answer 1, 2 and 3 before you read on....

No time? Oh well, maybe later.

Those three prompts are the essence of teaching and learning. The first one asks you to recall your accomplishments and evaluate them to find one of which you're most proud.

The second looks at how you got to be so good, how you learned. Was it a lecture? A training course? Being allowed to get on with it? Repeated practice? Coaching? Being believed in and trusted? Inspired? Anything goes here, but the answers define, for you, what must have been a successful teaching and learning experience.

The final prompt is all about real live genuine assessment. Maybe you bake cakes well. You'll know because they disappear fast once hungry children appear and because you keep winning that first place in the village competition. Maybe you're a surgeon. You do it well. Your success stats are the highest in the hospital and you have a queue of students lining up to worship at your theatre. Or maybe you negotiate between individuals or groups who are fighting. You know you're good because the fighting stops after you've done your thing and peace follows. And maybe one time you picked up a Nobel prize.

Learning is knowing something new, being able to do some new and becoming something new - knowledge, skills and attitudes. Teaching is the experiences - planned or otherwise - that allow learning to take place.

Go on, disagree with me...see where we get....see what we learn in the process....

Books teaching and learning Training

It goes without saying that, ultimately, all my training is about teaching and learning. However it can be useful to think about the differences and similarities between the three ideas.

I'm sure you'll agree that there is a difference between 1. being taught about bungee jumping. 2. being trained to bungee jump, and then 3. learning to bungee jump. In the first you know, the second you prepare/practise and in the third you do.

In a 'training' session, whatever the topic and outcome, we'll do all three. It's hard to unlearn an experience so my training is practical and experiential. That way you'll know, feel and understand what I'm offering and be able to decide for yourself if / how it'll work in your classroom.

For more information about training for your school please Make an Enquiry or visit the Training Page.

Books teaching and learning Books by Mike Fleetham
Thinking Classroom Featured Teaching and Learning Resources

Quality Feedback

Quality Feedback An Article presenting 3 essential features of quality feedback.

There is a huge value in learning with instant feedback.
Anant Agarwal

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Categories: Article, Teaching & Learning, Any Subject, Educators, Assessment

Tags: Assessment AfL Feedback Questioning

Lectures and Notes

Lectures and Notes An Article written to provoke critical thought and debate about a 'traditional' learning technique.

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Categories: Article, Teaching & Learning, Learning Styles, Any Subject, Educators

Tags: Active Learning Lecture Learning Styles

How to Create & Develop a Thinking Classroom
by Mike Fleetham

How to Create & Develop a Thinking Classroom<br> by Mike Fleetham A short, practical Book bringing together many tried and tested ideas for thinking skills and effective learning in the Primary classroom. Packed with clear explanations and photocopiable resources it's a great way to give your classroom and teaching a 'thoughtful makeover'. Still useful and relevant and nearly 10 years old!

Available in our shop

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Categories: Book & EBook, Teaching & Learning, Any Subject, Junior

Tags: Thinking Skills Planning Lesson Design

What is Outstanding Teaching?

What is Outstanding Teaching? An Article that summarises and explores what outstanding teaching might be. Provides prompts for professional reflection and debate, and offers 9 areas for evaluation and growth.

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Categories: Article, Teaching & Learning, Any Subject, Educators

Tags: Outstanding CPD

Advance Organisers

Advance Organisers An Article describing the concept of the Advance Organiser and its benefits for pupil understanding and recall.

Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.

Winston Churchill

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Categories: Article, Teaching & Learning, Assessment, Planning, Any Subject, Educators

Tags: Planning Assessment Visual Thinking Advance Organiser

Quality Teaching

Quality Teaching An Article providing you with food for thought about what it means to be an effective and improving teacher.

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Categories: Article, Teaching & Learning, Other Subject, Educators

Tags: Quality Teaching CPD

Tips for Using Language

Tips for Using Language Teaching Tips for developing rich classroom language. Including: Start Talking, Language Audit and Thinking Words.

Categories: Teaching Tips, Teaching & Learning, Any Subject, English, Educators

Tags: Language Speaking & Listening
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MI Teaching

MI Teaching A Teachers' Guide for making small changes in practice that'll address different intelligences in pupils. Match your teaching more closely to learning expectations. 

Categories: Other Resources, Multiple Intelligences, Teaching & Learning, Any Subject, Educators

Tags: Multiple Intelligences CPD
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Books featured teaching and learning Books

Towards Successful Learning
by Di Pardoe

Towards Successful Learning <br>by Di Pardoe Underpinned by a growth mindset and an unshakable belief in the capacity of children to achieve, Di's book shows clearly what successful learning looks like.

Available from Amazon

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Categories: Suggested Books, Teaching & Learning, Skills Based Learning

Tags: Quality Teaching

Thinking Classroom featured teaching and learning Web Links

The Immediacy of Feedback

The Immediacy of Feedback A short and informative article looking at research evidence for the immediacy of feedback.

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Categories: Websites, Teaching & Learning, Assessment

Tags: Feedback Assessment AfL