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Thinking Classroom Assessing Learning Styles

Here’s a single page questionnaire to download and use with your learners.

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It's a first step to discovering, valuing and using unique learning styles. It will open up a discussion in class and in school about learning choices. But remember - questionnaires like this describe a profile of strengths and potential. Avoid labelling pupils as this or that sort of learner because with learning labels come learning limits. Refer to 'visual learning' instead of a 'visual learner'.

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Learn more about Learning Styles and if or how they can be used to raise pupil engagement and achievement. Download Learning Styles profiles and resources to help widen your understanding of your pupils' learning behaviours and of your own teaching skills.
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KEY IDEAS ABOUT LEARNING STYLES An Article introducing Learning Styles.

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Tags: Learning Styles Personalised Learning

There is little or no conclusive evidence that providing for an individual's unique learning style will raise their achievement. However, by establishing how learning preferences vary between individuals we are able to make our teaching far more engaging and effective. For example, by asking pupils if they learn less effectively when the room is over 25 degrees we become aware that temperature may affect achievement. Likewise, just because we like to work in collaborative groups doesn't mean that all of our pupils will.

Unique preferences comprise many features including the where, when, how and with whom of learning. As teachers all we have is limited control of some of these features:

by Getting the big picture first? Getting the detail first?

by Seeing? Hearing? Touching? Imagining? Reading? Moving?

Warm? Cool? Bright? Dim? Noisy? Quiet? Formal? Informal?

Friends? Groups? Teams? Alone?

Well-motivated? Need support? Keep going? Maverick? Conformist?

Photo of a display of learning styles

Year 8s (King Edward VI Camphill Girls) express their learning styles

Here are four questions/assertions that you might like to discuss and debate with colleagues:

  • Everyone learns in a different way
  • If everyone is taught in the same way, who loses out?
  • Learning regularly in a way that doesn’t suit your preferences is like having to wear shoes a couple of sizes too small or too big
  • Do you work with anyone right now who’s having to learn in a way not matched to their preferences?

Books Learning Styles Training

I’ve worked with Barbara Prashnig and have previously delivered her online Learning and Working Styles Analysis programme. I use the concept of learning preferences when I design training sessions and include simple and practical ways to better match teaching styles with different learning styles.

For more information about Learning Styles INSET and customised Learning Styles Training for your school please Make an Enquiry or visit the Training Page.

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Learning Style Questions

Learning Style Questions A short Questionnaire to help identify the conditions in which pupils may learn more effectively. Also opens a discussion about if and how different learning opportunities are available.

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Learning Style Questions2336
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Lectures and Notes

Lectures and Notes An Article written to provoke critical thought and debate about a 'traditional' learning technique.

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Categories: Article, Teaching & Learning, Learning Styles, Any Subject, Educators

Tags: Active Learning Lecture Learning Styles

Me Thinking

Me Thinking A Thinking Skills Tool using simple infographics for pupils to think about the fine detail of their learning and aspirations.

Categories: Thinking Tool, Meta Cognition, Learning Styles, PSHE, Junior, Secondary

Tags: Personal Development Personalised Learning Learning Styles
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Snow Angels

Snow Angels A Story with activities from "Thinking Stories to Wake Up Your Mind" in which Alfred the Snow Angel finds his style of doing things at odds with the other angels. Addresses bullying and learning styles. 

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Snow Angels1814
Categories: Story, Learning Styles, DT, Infant, Junior

Tags: Bullying Independent Learning Christmas Story

We Think Board

We Think Board A Thinking Skills Tool to encourage collaboration, speaking and listening and the use of different types of source material.

Categories: Thinking Tool, Collaborative Thinking, Learning Styles, Any Subject, Junior, Secondary

Tags: Collaboration
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All Learning Styles Resources
Books featured Learning Styles Books

Contemporary Theories of Learning

Contemporary Theories of Learning Get really stuck in to the nuts, bolts, bones and essence of what learning is with 16 great thought leaders.

Available from Amazon

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Categories: Suggested Books, Professional Development, Learning Styles

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The Power of Diversity
by Barbara Prashnig

The Power of Diversity <br>by Barbara Prashnig A practical and thorough review of learning styles together with implications for teaching and learning. Right hand pages include text and a column of key concepts. Left hand pages present the same information as quotations, images, photographs and activities. A very accessible introduction to an intriguing and much debated topic.

Available from Amazon

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Categories: Suggested Books, Learning Styles

Tags: Psychology Neuroscience

Thinking Classroom featured Learning Styles Web Links

Intro to Adult Learning Styles

Intro to Adult Learning Styles An excellent introduction to adult learning styles from John T. Beaver on the slideshare website.

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Categories: Websites, Professional Development, Learning Styles

Tags: CPD

Simple Learning Style Questionnaire

Simple Learning Style Questionnaire An introduction to thinking about unique learning styles.

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