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Deep Thinking Effective Learning Full Day
Mon 30 Sep 19 Winchester, Hampshire
£80 per delegate
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Thinking Heads: 6 Sessions
for headteachers
Starts 3 Oct 19   Andover, Hampshire
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Thinking Heads: 4 Sessions
for headteachers. 2nd Cohort
Starts 10 Jan 20   Wandsworth, South London
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Network & Support Group: 4 Afternoons
for Special Schools & Unit Middle Leaders
Starts 10 Jan 20   Wandsworth, South London
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18 Oct 19; 25 Oct 19; 4 Nov 19; 20 Dec 19; 6 Jan 20; 14 Feb 20; 24 Feb 20 

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Challenge 10 Toolkit - Quality Teaching
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Thinking Classroom Thinking Classroom Podcasts

Welcome to Thinking Classroom Podcasts. In each episode Mike talks to someone about life, work and learning. Topics are varied; guests come from all over the world; style is focused yet informal.

Expect inspiration, humour, great ideas, resources, surprises and a bit of deep thinking here and there.

Podcasts are hosted on YouTube, Spreaker and iTunes. Follow the links below to listen online, download or subscribe. Shownotes included.

TC Podcasts
Mar. 16
Video Coaching And A Balloon In The Classroom
With Shawn Edmondson From Washington STEM.
46 min. YouTube Spreaker iTunes
May 16
Being Smart And A Web Link On Your Tombstone
With Dr Branton Shearer From MIConsulting.
48 min. YouTube Spreaker iTunes
May 16
How To Tweet And The Victorian Internet
With Graham Andre from The Mathematics Shed.
60 min. YouTube Spreaker iTunes
May 16
Coaching Insights And Getting Inside Your Head
With Sophie Debout From Shalloui.
38 min. YouTube Spreaker iTunes
Jul. 16
Learning Palestine And The World's Most Important Key
With Niparun Nesa from the NUT.
39 min. YouTube Spreaker iTunes
Jul. 16
Planning For Thinking And Training Jelly Beans
With AST Dan Mace.
26 min. YouTube Spreaker iTunes
Aug. 16
Effective CPD And How To Waste $8bn
With Shawn Edmondson From Iris Connect US.
26 min. YouTube Spreaker iTunes
Feb. 17
Where Are All The Science Advisors?
With SLE & Science Specialist Laura Chisholm .
29 min. - Spreaker iTunes
Apr. 18
The Grammar of Gay and Defining Gender
With Dr Anna Carlisle from Goldsmiths University.
27min.  -  Spreaker  iTunes
May 18
Gender Neutral Teaching 
With Graham Andre from Lanesend Primary School.
20min.  -  Spreaker  iTunes
Sep 18
Positive Education 
With Amanda Burnell from Sherington Primary School.
21min.  -  Spreaker  iTunes
Evidence for Intelligences
With Dr Branton Shearer From MIConsulting.
28min.  -  Spreaker  iTunes
AI Coaching
With Olivier Malafronte from PocketConfidant
31min.  -  Spreaker  iTunes