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Magazine Issue 101: Effective Teaching Part 3 Self-Efficacy
November 2018

This month: Thoughts about Self Efficacy

Article: Effective Teaching Part 3 Self Efficacy
New Resources
Additional Resources

This Month's Article:

The Only Tip You'll Ever Need To Stop Procrastinating

The Only Tip Youll Ever Need To Stop Procrastinating An Article describing just one technique to help you become more productive, more effective and more efficient.

This is a Free Sample Resource

Categories: Article, Professional Development, Other Subject, All Ages

Tags: Productivity Effective Practice Time Management
It took me 15 seconds to begin writing this article and 30 minutes to finish it. Last year it might be anything up to a day to start and two to finish. Why the difference? One word: ‘Just’. Just start writing; just write for 2 minutes; just get your ideas down.

I realised that for most for my writing life I’d been accompanied by a writing demon – a voice in my head with a soft and charming message, triggered whenever I thought of writing a blog or a book or an article. Here’s what it says/said:

Make sure you’ve got all your ideas ready first. You’ve got the structure sorted haven’t you? Are you sure this is the right focus? Have you prepared? Do you know enough?

And then the next level kicked in: Are you sure this’ll be good enough? What if no-one reads it? Is there something better you could be doing?

And once I batted all that away and eventually got started, the demon came back, Oooh, nice sentence, great, well done, better re-read it from the start though – just to make sure it flows. Better edit it now. Take your time, you have to get this right. Make sure it’s really good.

You see, a clever little demon – of my own unconscious making.

But, saved by The Angel of Just my productivity has shot up. This angel has a softer and more charming message: she whispers,

Just start. Just write. Just keep going. Just trust the process. Just battle on through a misspelling or a clumsy sentence. Just keep going. It’ll be good enough and then we can work on it. Just do it.

When it’s done, the raw material is there and it feels good.

But watch out, demon is back, picking away at the editing; wanting perfection not excellence; questioning every decision. Angel responds,

Just edit for 10 minutes. Spelling, grammar, then sense.

Then stop. Go do something else for an hour. Come back, read it fresh, allow yourself JUST 10 changes and hit publish. Maybe take another look, tweak if you like. Then Stop. It’s done. It is what it is.

Where did this demon come from… I wonder if it’s school – the way I was taught to write? Or the misplaced pleasure of reading and re-reading a sentence or paragraph that I think works really well – instead of (just) pressing on.

Just do it. It’s better to have something that needs work than no work at all.

You’re going to do something now, aren’t you? Now you’ve finished reading this. Why not choose that one thing you’ve been avoiding? Whatever it is, just do it for 2 minutes. Just get started. You can.

New Resources:

DIY Learning

DIY Learning A Thinking Skills Tool to help empower pupils to become more self motivated, independent and effective in their learning.

Categories: Thinking Tool, Meta Cognition, Teaching & Learning, Any Subject, All Ages

Tags: Metacognition Self Knowledge Independent Learning
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DIY Learning PowerPoint

DIY Learning PowerPoint A Thinking Tool Template in PowerPoint to support DIY Learning.

Categories: Thinking Tool, Meta Cognition, Teaching & Learning

Tags: Metacognition Independent Learning Autonomy
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Autonomy Think Sheet

Autonomy Think Sheet A Think Sheet focusing on the capacity to make informed decisions and the freedom to act independently.

Categories: Think Sheet, Skills-Based Learning, Any Subject, All Ages

Tags: Independent Learning Metacognition
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Additional Resources:

Thinking Classroom Archive:

Independent Learning

Independent Learning An Article exploring independence and independent thinking & learning. Includes a possible connection between independence and happiness; pupil criteria for independent learning and a challenge to schools in how they develop independence. 

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. Denis Waitley

Independence is happiness. Susan B. Anthony

What is independent learning?

This is a Free Sample Resource

Find out more
Categories: Article, Skills-Based Learning, Educators, Any Subject

Tags: Happiness Independent Learning

Freedom Think Sheet

Freedom Think Sheet A Think Sheet developing deeper thinking about freedom.

Categories: Think Sheet, Thinking Skills, RE & Philosophy, Secondary

Tags: Freedom Responsibilities
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Values Think Sheet - Resilience

Values Think Sheet - Resilience A Think Sheet to help pupils think about resilience - but coming from a creative point of view to help deepen understanding.

Categories: Think Sheet, Teaching & Learning, PSHE, All Ages

Tags: Values Resilience Grit
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The Productivity Habits
by Ben Elijah

The Productivity Habits <br>by Ben Elijah How to make smart decisions about tasks, events and commitments that might otherwise might overload you.

Available from Amazon

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Categories: Suggested Books, Professional Development, Psychology

Tags: productivity Effectiveness


15 Ways to Beat Procrastination

15 Ways to Beat Procrastination Simple ideas to get more done.

Opens in a New Window
Categories: Websites, Psychology

Tags: productivity Effectiveness

Next month we think about Visual Teaching