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Magazine Issue 14: NEW YEAR NEW CLASS
August 2011

This month ideas about and techniques for a New Year

Article: New Year New Class
New Resources
Mike's Books
Additional Resources
Wise Words

This Month's Article:

New Year, New Classess

New Year, New Classess An Article including a simple checklist to help you prepare more effectively for starting work with new classes and new groups.

This is a Free Sample Resource

Categories: Article, Transition, Any Subject, Educators

Tags: Transition New Year
Any new beginning involves a change and a transition. Whether that’s staring playgroup or school; moving from Year 6 to Year 7 or beginning a new job. All transitions can be frightening and exciting. All involve risk, emotional variety and opportunity. And all can be thought about using this very simple framework:

The five bridges
Researching KS2-3 transition, Galton, Gray and Rudduck looked in detail at what children might need if they were to progress successfully into secondary education. In 1999 they identified five ‘bridges’ to be crossed at the same time during this period. 

But the bridges can equally well be applied to any educational or life transition. They are a framework for empathising with our new students and for planning our early experiences with them. The five bridges divide into two sections: social/organizational and academic. Here they are with thinking prompts. The prompt can help you to audit what you do already with new classes and to plan different activities to try out.

3 Social/Organizational Bridges

The bureaucratic bridge
 Which pupil records and other information are available?
 How will you use achievement data?
 How will you use work samples?
 How will you introduce a new timetable and class routines?

The social and emotional bridge 
 How will you recognise, value and manage emotions?
 How will you facilitate friendships and strong class relationships?
 How will you address pupils’ concerns and anxieties?

The curriculum bridge
 Which subjects will be new to pupils?
 Which themes and topics within existing subjects will be new to pupils?
 Which new skills & attitudes will be required?
 Which new knowledge will pupils need?
 How will subject continuity be managed?

Two Academic Bridges

The pedagogy bridge
 How might your teaching style differ from pupils’ previous experience and expectations?
 What is your own perspective on learning and transition?
 What relevant contact have you had with previous teachers?

The management of learning bridge 
 What will pupils’ first experience of you be like?
 How will your pupils’ think about their learning?
 How will you assess pupils’ various learning styles and specific needs?

That's a lot to handle, especially with multiple new groups. Maybe focus on the 1 or 2 that are likely to make the most positive difference across the coming year. 

New Resources:

Me Thinking

Me Thinking A Thinking Skills Tool using simple infographics for pupils to think about the fine detail of their learning and aspirations.

Categories: Thinking Tool, Meta Cognition, Learning Styles, PSHE, Junior, Secondary

Tags: Personal Development Personalised Learning Learning Styles
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Me Thinking Powerpoint

Me Thinking Powerpoint A Thinking Tool Template in Powerpoint, providing editable infographics to support Me Thinking.

Categories: Thinking Tool, Meta Cognition, Learning Styles, PSHE, Junior, Secondary

Tags: Personal Development Personalised Learning Learning Styles
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Media Think Pack

Media Think Pack A Thinking Skills Tool Pack combining three related tools into one: A powerful way to think critically about data, evidence, opinion and lines of reasoning.

Categories: Thinking Tool, Thinking Frames, Thinking Skills, Other Subject, Secondary, Tertiary

Tags: Media Critical Thinking
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Mike's Books:

Books to help you with Transition

Moving to Secondary School
by Mike Fleetham & Lynda Measor

Moving to Secondary School<br> by Mike Fleetham & Lynda Measor Book with Advice & Activities to Support Transition. Co-authored with Dr Lynda Measor, this book is packed with activities to make transition to secondary school as smooth as possible. Using Galton's 5 bridges model you'll be able to plan effectively for pupils moving from KS2 to KS3. Focussing not only on the paperwork and data, you'll also find out how to manage the smooth transition of teaching, learning, emotions and friendships.

Available in our shop

Find out more
Categories: Book & EBook, Transition, Junior, Secondary

Tags: Transition Year 6 Year 7

Additional Resources:

Thinking Classroom Archive:

Numeracy Think Sheet - Counting On

Numeracy Think Sheet - Counting On A Think Sheet using Thinking Classroom ideas to develop basic numeracy skills.

Categories: Think Sheet, Mathematics, Infant, Junior, Thinking Skills

Tags: Counting Numeracy
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Literacy Think Sheet - Adjectives

Literacy Think Sheet - Adjectives A Think Sheet applying Thinking Classroom ideas to increase the understanding and use of adjectives.

Categories: Think Sheet, Thinking Skills, English, Junior

Tags: Adjectives
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Wise Words:

"Beginnings are always messy"
John Galsworthy

"Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another"
John Dewey

Next month we think about Questioning