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28 original tales with follow-on currciulum-linked activities for Primary and Lower Secondary. Literacy, Thinking Skills and Creativity are combined within engaging stories and tasks saving you planning time and ensuring rich curriculum coverage. Ideal for supporting a creative curriculum. Photocopiable worksheets included.  
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Books Surprising Stories to Stimulate Creativity
Book Cover of Surprising Stories by Mike Fleetham  

TitleSurprising Stories to Stimulate Creativity
Author: Mike Fleetham & Lucy Fleetham
Publisher: LDA 2009
ISBN: 978-1-85503-483-9
Format: Paperback, A4 size, 128 Pages 

"The stories in this book are simply brilliant. If you want to bring creativity effortlessly into your classroom, this is the resource for you. Truly inspiring."
Molly Potter, author of the Outside The Box series

Creative questions like these await you within this collection of 28 stories:

  • How would you use Foible Carrion's curious cabinet??
  • What is the smallest story on Earth?
  • Why are wish devils so dangerous?
  • What happens if a Maige Bird dies?

In our rapidly changing world, children's future personal and professional successSparrow line drwg depends more than ever on creative thinking and problem-solving. We never know what's round the corner and when interesting and unexpected events come their way, children will need the tools, techniques and personal capabilities to respond. Surprising Stories to Stimulate Creativity will draw children into worlds that will stimulate their imaginations to develop these skills. 

If you want to discover, value and enrich the creativity of your learners, this is the book for you.

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"These stories are sure to spark imaginations and are accompanied by a huge range of supporting activities. They inspired all the learners in my class to think creatively - including me!"   Alison Drever, Principal & Advisory Teacher, Papdale Primary School, Orkney and LTS

"Twenty-eight stories that effortlessly infuse creativity into the curriculum; I love the way they combine intrigue, intensity of emotion and big questions that encourage learners to consider their values and those of others."  
Lynne Williams, Educational Consultant 

"Surprising Stories to Stimulate Creativity has had a huge impact on the pupil’s learning in my class. The children are hooked on the exciting, thought provoking stories. However, what sets this resource apart from others is the wealth of creative follow up activities that are clearly set out for the teacher. There is a huge range of stimulating ideas that have resulted in some of the most creative, interesting work I have ever received from children.
The stories and activities have enhanced the children’s speaking and listening and thinking skills whilst also supporting their learning in other subjects such as Art, DT and Drama. The innovative stories are inclusive and all children in my class have found them very accessible. In addition, there are well thought out support, extension and application ideas and activities for each story which enables the teacher to differentiate each lesson. This book has enabled the pupils and staff in our school to think creatively and has inspired so much interesting discussion as well as enabling the children to record in different ways, work in teams to support each other and most importantly have fun whilst learning!  The book offers exceptional value for money considering the impact it has had on the class and the hours of quality learning that result from the stories and activities."
  Matt Crawford, Deputy Headteacher, Nottingham  

"I have used this book a few times too - I loved the thinking chains for 'The trouble with wishes'. I did 'Alfred's Gift' for a recent lesson observed by the headteacher - made a lovely snowflake thinking display. - Fab book, a must have!" Emma Coates, Wales

"This collection of excellent thought provoking, creative stories are designed so each child / young person can access them at their own individual level therefore an excellent advocate for personalised learning.
For children with Special Educational Needs, these stories and activities are a refreshing change. The use of drama, story boards, dance, sketching, mask making and art are exceptional stimulants to get the children`s creativity started. The kinaesthetic approaches reinforce understanding and provide an opportunity to enhance their experience. The opportunity for collaboration, peer support, assessment and evaluation without the fear of failure is confidence building and encourages independent skills.

The alternative methods of recording ideas and work are outstanding. Each of the tasks enable each child to have their own interpretation, building on their own experiences and developing their creative skills as well as learning the great life skill of problem solving.

What I love most and the children love most is the use of humour and the fun factor. Every activity is fun and filled with humour. Children across all levels enjoy them, and the quality of work produced has been outstanding. This book makes learning fun............" 
Ann Ingle, Teaching Assistant and Trainee teacher, Porchester Junior School, Nottingham 

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Surprising Stories to Stimulate Creativity

Number in Stock: 0
Price: £ 17.99