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Currently Out of Print. 2 foam cubes with a different visual prompt printed on each face. Throw/roll them individually or together giving you 36 different combinations: 36 ready-made plenary activities that challenge pupils to reflect on the lesson and evaluate what they've learned. Ideal for younger learners but also older ones who can easily give the images meanings of their own.  
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Title: Learning Cubes
Mike Fleetham & Lynne Williams
Producer: LDA Learning 2010
Each Set contains a Purple & Orange printed cube.

"... my kids love to suggest a question from the icon to discuss their learning."
L Smyth, Cumran Primary School, Clough, N Ireland

Learning Cubes are a quick visual way for children to engage with the learning process. The first cube offers 6 different prompts for reviewing the experience of a learning activity; the second provides 6 ways to think about these experiences and then connect them to the next or previous activity. Individually or combined the cubes provide many opportunities to develop thinking skills, memory, assessment for learning and creativity. Originally designed for our youngest children, the cubes can also be used with older learners at KS1-4 who can bring their own meanings to the symbols on the cube faces.

  • Assessment for learning in action
  • Visual & Kinaesthetic activities
  • Fun and engaging lesson starter or plenary
  • Thinking skills and recall
  • Suitable for EY & KS1-4, SEN, EAL Learners
  • Perfect for multi-lingual schools and learners


"Mike has sent me the learning cubes and my class love them, it great to see them suggesting questions when different icons are revealed.  Mike does include a suggested list of questions that you can ask the children which I do, however I find that my kids love to suggest a question from the icon to discuss their learning.
I currently use both the learning and assessment cubes with my Year 6 class.  They are a fantastic way of getting the children to think about their learning.  We would use the assessment cube at different points during a lesson, sometimes they are thrown at the beginning and the children then know what I am going to be asking them at the end.

Both sets of cubes are a fantastic way of the children assessing their learning, thinking about what skills they have used in a lesson and how these skills can be transferred elsewhere.  When the children are ask where else they could use these skills they always surprise me and they think outside the box.  They immediately think about when they are older, whereas I often expect them to tell me how they could use this in another area of learning.
To see how your class think, I would really encourage you purchase these cubes!"   L Smyth, Cumran Primary School, Clough.

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Learning Cubes

Number in Stock: 0
Price: £ 6.30