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We have tracked down a couple of copies of these Out of Print Books. They are not in perfect condition. The covers show sign of storage wear, creases / fold marks. The age 5-7 book also has a 1cm tear.

They are still in a very good usable condition though. Please see below to purchase.

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Out of Print: Co-authored with headteacher Pippa Harris-Burland, 160 short and medium-length starter activities to get the brain ready for learning and thinking. Chapters linked to different subject areas make this an easy resource to tailor to your daily and weekly plans.  
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Book Cover of Daily Brainteasers Thinking Skills Ages 7-9


Title: Thinking Skills: Daily Brainteasers Ages 7-9
Author: Pippa Harris-Burland and Mike Fleetham
Publisher: Scholastic 2006
ISBN: 978-0439965439
Format: Paperback,  A4 Size, 64  Pages

Daily Brainteasers provides stimulating activities that can be used to start the day, provide a change of pace, or at other times when you want to get children thinking. Each simple problem is quick to read and easy to apply - ready to be written out on the board or presented to your class. The book is organised to reflect four different learning styles and cover five different thinking skills:

  • Information Processing 
  • Reasoning
  • Enquiry
  • Creative Thinking
  • Evaluation

The ready-made and easy-to-use problems encourage the development of creative and independent learners and enable you to address different pupils' learning styles:

  • Auditory 
  • Visual
  • Kinaesthetic
  • Tactile

Look Inside

PDF download Visual Learning Brainteasers document opens in a new window
PDF download Auditory Learning Brainteasers document opens in a new window 
PDF download Tactile Learning Brainteasers document opens in a new window
PDF download Kinaesthetic Learning Brainteasers document opens in a new window

" How is it Organised? "

Children learn in many different ways and may have a preferred style. The activities have been grouped into four chapters; Visual, Auditory, Tactile & Kinaesthetic.

"What does each Brainteaser contain? "

Thinking Skill: Each brainteaser details the thinking skill to be developed.

Subject Link: It details the subject link - many of the brainteasers are activities that complement objectives in published curricula.

Learning Link: Each brainteaser states if there is a link to another learning style.

Organisation: Each brainteaser gives suggestions for organisation. Many of the ideas can be adapted for different situations.

Resources: A list of resources is given and some refer to useful websites.

What to do: Instructions for carrying out the brainteasers are given. Where possible these have been directed at the children themselves.

Now try this: Extension activities.

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Daily Brainteasers - Thinking Skills, Ages 7-9

Number in Stock: 2
Price: £ 19.00
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