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3 foam cubes with a different written prompt printed on each face. Throw/roll them individually or together to get 216 different combinations: 216 ready-made plenary activities for you that challenge pupils to remember what they've learned, think about it, and plan to use it. Ideal for any age group and for classes that thrive on active learning.  
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Title: Assessment Cubes / Thinking Cubes
Mike Fleetham
Producer: LDA Learning 2008
Format: Each Set contains a Red, Green & Blue printed cube.

"Easy to use, versatile and most importantly of all, enhances learning..."
M.Thrower, Deputy Headteacher, Jeffries Primary School, Nottingham

Thinking Cubes are a quick, fun and effective way for children to combine thinking skills, assessment for learning and active learning. The green cube is for reflecting their learning, the red one for expressing their learning, and the blue one for connecting to next learning steps.

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"I frequently use the green Thinking Cube to guide reflection at the end of any lesson; these prompts help the children organise and phrase their thinking. It also helps the children be very specific in their reflection... this is my favourite one! I use the red and blue Thinking Cubes when introducing new content to the children; the blue one is great for Maths and the red one support Humanities and Inquiry sessions nicely. I and the children have loved using them!"   Alysha

"The Assessment Cubes have had a massive impact on the learning of the children in my class. It has engaged all children in many and varied learning conversations and they really challenge what learning has taken place. The children in my class have become incredibly confident at not only assessing their own learning but also, with the aid of the ‘Assessment Cubes’, they have been able to recognise where progress needs to be made.

It is a great resource for me as a teacher as it is another tool for the ever expanding Assessment for Learning ‘Tool belt’. What makes the ‘Assessment Cubes’ different is their universal ease of use and that they can be used by any age range (adults included). The fact that they can be used to introduce, recap, solidify and challenge learning is a big positive. They are versatile in use for they can be used at the teacher’s discretion and from the pupil’s lead.
The product in itself is easy to use, versatile and most importantly of all, enhances learning immensely. With its durable yet light material it makes for great use when making the lesson interactive.

Having seen and used similar questions for assessing and challenging learning, it was great to see a fresh way for the children to approach this. Not only assessing and challenging learning, but also drawing on different ‘Multiple Intelligences’ to share that learning with peers. That’s what makes this product innovative with the fact that it uses a kinaesthetic approach to deliver.

Cost per set is an extremely reasonable price to pay for a learning tool that has improved the way, we as children and adults, develop our learning. It makes it affordable to buy sets for whole schools and classes"
M Thrower, Deputy Headteacher

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Thinking Cubes / Assessment Cubes

Number in Stock: 28
Price: £ 11.98
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