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Book Cover MI in Practice

Title: Multiple Intelligences in Practice - Enhancing Self-esteem and Learning in the Classroom
 Mike Fleetham
Publisher: Network Continuum Education 2006
ISBN: 978-1855391413
Format: Paperback,  A4 Size, 144 Pages

"This book demystifies both what MI is and how it can be used. It provides concrete examples and, at the same time, serves as a bit of a cheerleader for the reader."
Dr Thomas Hoerr, Principal, New City School, St Louis

Multiple intelligences (MI) is a powerful tool for appreciating and enriching the talents of all your learners, of any age. It will help you to improve self-esteem, self-motivation and independence, and help learners to fulfil their potential in all domains - academic and practical.

The theory of multiple intelligences, first proposed by Howard Gardner in the early 1980s, demonstrates that there is more to intelligence than a high IQ, good spelling or quick mental maths. In fact, there are eight and a half ways to be clever: linguistic, logical, musical, visual, bodily, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, and existential (the half).

This engaging and accessible guide provides an introduction to MI and demonstrates how you can use it in your teaching.

The book includes:

  • explanations of the different intelligences
  • activities for trying out MI yourself and with your learners
  • practical ideas for incorporating MI into everyday teaching
  • suggestions for personalising your teaching and learning
  • methods for creating an MI-friendly learning environment
  • case studies showing successful MI practice.

Look Inside

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"From the knowledgeable to the ignorant, this book comes into its own, either as a reminder of what you knew before, but had somehow forgotten in the mass of educational research and practice, or as a starting point to one wishing to embark upon the MI journey.

Written in a voice easy to follow, with clear explanations and actual references to real classroom practice, Mike Fleetham manages to gel together the theory and the practice. Making this an invaluable resource to anyone with interest on the subject. He clearly articulates the stages involved from explaining what multiple intelligences is to using it in classroom setting. Taking examples from the primary and secondary sectors mean that its use is not confined to one age or stage.

Perhaps the best aspect of the book is the copious examples, case studies and photocopiable resources contained within its pages, providing any time-poor educational professional with the ability to embark upon the journey without having to create the necessary starting resources.

- TES website review by Jenny Betts Assistant Headteacher