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Offer - Creating Extra-Ordinary Teachers

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Book Cover Creating Extraordinary Teachers

Title: Creating Extra-Ordinary Teachers: Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom & Beyond
 Mike Fleetham & Dr. Branton Shearer
Publisher:  Continuum 2008
ISBN:  978-185539-390-5
Format: Paperback,  An unusual size (between A4 & A5), 130  Pages

"Their book is provocative, practical, and  disarmingly personal"
Professor Howard Gardner

This book is a practical guide to the creation of a personalised path to the development of leadership potential. It has five main aims:

  • To increase understanding of the skills utilised by highly effective teachers
  • To inspire readers to recognise and appreciate their own and others’ potential
  • To increase readers’ insight into their multiple intelligences (MI) strengths and the relationship of these to effective leadership
  • To guide readers in the creation of a realistic, personalised leadership development plan to maximize strengths and manage limitations
  • To help readers learn how to use their multiple intelligences to contribute something of value to their community in a leadership role.

The book includes self-assessment and interactive leadership development planning materials. Readers will be able to complete an online questionnaire and discover their MIDAS profile, which can be used for the activities in the book. Alternatively, there is a simple self-check included in the book which can be used for the activities. 

Look Inside

Section 1: Extra-Ordinary Teaching and Leadership
Writing the story of your teaching and leadership life
What is extra-ordinary leadership?
Who will I become?
Who will we become?
Creating your unique leadership path

Section 2: The Gift of Multiple Intelligences
A rough guide to MI
The MIDAS profile
Your brief leadership profile
Create your MI Leadership folder
MI in Action 1: Stress organisation strategies
MI in Action 2: 8 heads are better than 1
MI in Action 3: Strategies to enhance your work
MI in Action 4: Inspired study strategies

Section 3: Tools and Techniques for Extra-Ordinary Leadership
The five keys to leadership
Unlocking potential - Something to RAVE about!
Leverage your achievement
The L.E.A.D. Plan
Your perfect career
Careers associated with the Multiple Intelligences

Section 4: Being Extra-Ordinary in the UK and US
UK vs US education
My long and winding road
US: Six extra-ordinary journeys
UK: Six extra-ordinary leaders

Resources and Further Reading


 “Branton Shearer, a psychologist with expertise in assessment, and Mike Fleetham, a master teacher and teacher educator, have combined their respective areas of expertise in teaching, leadership, and multiple intelligences. Their book is provocative, practical, and disarmingly personal.” Howard Gardner, Harvard University, USA

Books Summary of Thinking Cubes

Assessment / Thinking Cubes: 3 foam cubes with a different written prompt printed on each face. Throw/roll them individually or together to get 216 different combinations: 216 ready-made plenary activities for you that challenge pupils to remember what they've learned, think about it, and plan to use it. Ideal for any age group and for classes that thrive on active learning. 

Books More Information Thinking Cubes
Photo of Thinking Cubes

Title: Assessment Cubes / Thinking Cubes
Mike Fleetham
Producer: LDA Learning 2008
Format: Each Set contains a Red, Green & Blue printed cube.

"Easy to use, versatile and most importantly of all, enhances learning..."
M.Thrower, Deputy Headteacher, Jeffries Primary School, Nottingham

Thinking Cubes are a quick, fun and effective way for children to combine thinking skills, assessment for learning and active learning. The green cube is for reflecting their learning, the red one for expressing their learning, and the blue one for connecting to next learning steps.

Look Inside

adobe pdf   Thinking Cubes Instructions  document opens in a new window 
adobe pdf   21 Things to Do with Thinking Cubes  document opens in a new window  


"I frequently use the green Thinking Cube to guide reflection at the end of any lesson; these prompts help the children organise and phrase their thinking. It also helps the children be very specific in their reflection... this is my favourite one! I use the red and blue Thinking Cubes when introducing new content to the children; the blue one is great for Maths and the red one support Humanities and Inquiry sessions nicely. I and the children have loved using them!"   Alysha