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A book for G&T leaders and for those with G&T learners in their primary (and lower secondary) classes. Covers policy and practice with clear guidance on how to define, identify, teach, assess and include G&T pupils. A book offering a wealth of support to you and your school as you respond to the needs of G&T learners.  
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Title: Including Gifted, Able & Talented Children in the Primary Classroom
Author: Mike Fleetham
Publisher: LDA 2008
ISBN: 978-1855034365
Format: Paperback,  A4 Size, 96  Pages

In an inclusive classroom, each child should have their need for personalised learning met. This includes those children who are gifted, able and talented. They have the right to be given tasks that are suited to their specific needs and abilities. This accessible and practical book has been written to help you identify and promote the gifts and talents of all pupils in your class. The sections cover how to:

  • decide what constitutes gifted, able & talented
  • identify gifted, able & talented children
  • manage and lead in-school provision
  • develop yourself and your teaching
  • support your colleagues
  • enhance the thinking skills and emotional intelligence of pupils
  • enrich the curriculum offered to gifted, able & talented children
  • involve parents and the wider community.

There's a wealth of advice, guidance, activities and materials from Mike and the experts with whom he works.  

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"This book is an excellent handbook for both class teachers and SENCO’s in the primary school.
I found the sections on identifying GAT learners particularly eye opening and has led me to see many of my children in a different light. I can now identify those children who may not be ‘academically’ gifted but who are creative or socially gifted.
The book has provided me with an outline on which to base our school ‘Gifted, Able and Talented policy’, with many practical ideas for whole school involvement that also enabled me to easily plan and deliver training in a staff meeting.
I have used a number of the ideas and resources from the book with the whole class, confident in the knowledge that my GAT learners are being stretched. I used one of the thinking games during recent monitoring by my head teacher which was very successful (a grade 1 lesson!)
If you are just starting out as a GAT coordinator or looking at GAT for the first time in your school this book would be ideal, providing everything you need to identify GAT pupils and provide exciting and challenging tasks for then in the classroom. It will support policy writing and implementation along with staff training and record keeping. You won’t need another GAT book once you’ve got this one!"

Emma Coates, Deputy-head teacher, Trerobart Primary School

"What a great resources to get you thinking about GAT learners. It is a bit like a helpful guide as it talks you through what a GAT learner is, how to identify them, what to do with them once you have and how to do it! I love that it is written in easy to understand language and that the chapter titles make it easy to drop in and out depending what you need to know.
Mike Fleetham is not pretending that this book is the answer to all of our questions on GAT learners, but I feel that it is a very good, non-threatening start. The fact that there is also a reference to more materials in the 'Thinking Classroom' website means that there is a forum for discussion and more resources to be adapted and utilised. I will be keeping this book close at hand this year as GAT pupils are on my remit and I feel that this book will get me on the right path to support the learners and their teachers."

Gillian Wylie

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Including Gifted, Able & Talented Children

Number in Stock: 5
Price: £ 15.99
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