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A short, practical guide bringing together many tried and tested ideas for thinking skills and effective learning in the Primary classroom. Packed with clear explanations and photocopiable resources it's a great way to give your classroom and teaching a 'thoughtful makeover'!  
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Book Cover How to Create a Thinking Classroom

Title: How to Create and Develop a Thinking Classroom
Author: Mike Fleetham
Publisher: LDA 2003
ISBN: 978-1855033788
Format: Paperback,  A4 Size, 54  Pages

"Practical ideas.... a boon for the busy teacher."
Professor Robert Fisher

Many books have been written introducing classroom approaches such as 'brain-based teaching', 'individual learning styles', 'multiple intelligences', 'thinking skills', 'brain-friendly classrooms', 'accelerated learning' and 'VAK'. How to Create and Develop a Thinking Classroom will show you how to integrate the best of these "new" teaching methods with the finest traditional classroom practice. As schools begin to encounter more curriculum freedoms, the concept of a Thinking Classroom is right on the mark when it comes to creating the learning that your pupils need and deserve.

This book will help you to:

  • Understand why  thinking skills is relevant to future success
  • Learn about the principles and practices of a Thinking Classroom
  • Establish your own Thinking Classroom
  • Develop your Thinking Classroom by working, learning and thinking in different ways

From the forward by Dr Branton Shearer:

"As our new century unfolds we are witnessing many wonderful opportunities in the face of some difficult challenges. The rise of the individual and globalisation are the most prominent issues. More than ever before we now have the chance to know who we are and to understand our place in a shrinking world. But the speed of change is frightening. What skills and knowledge must we develop to keep up? How can we adapt and thrive when there is so much to learn? How do we survive as the world transforms before our very eyes?

One answer to these questions is simple. We must think. We must engage with what's going on around us. We must evaluate it; create it; then take control. That way we are in flow with the changing world rather that being its spectators.

In this short and practical book you will find the seeds of thought which you can plant in the minds of those you teach. As our curricula shift away from prescription and testing, and thankfully on to creativity and respect for different ways of learning, we need signposts along the way. You will find them here. Use them to help transform your learners into thinkers who create, challenge, evaluate and make decisions; people who will succeed in the twenty-first century because you have given them the tools of thinking that they need."

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"Practical classroom ideas...a boon for the busy teacher."   Prof. Robert Fisher writing in the TES

."..many of the ideas outlined are likely to be particularly beneficial to learners experiencing difficulties"  SENCO Update

"Here is the book to help teachers understand more what it's about (MI and Thinking Skills)"  CPD Update

"Your book is both inspiring and user friendly...easy to read, relevant with that subtle ingredient of wit. It's a great resource - just the right amount for the busy teacher. Book arrived at 9am this morning. Put it down at 2pm, much to my family's disgust! Brilliant! Can't wait to try some of the ideas out in the review

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How to Create & Develop a Thinking Classroom

Number in Stock: 8
Price: £ 11.99
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