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For teachers who want to support their pupils of any age when they move within or between schools. This might mean changing year group, starting secondary school or arriving from another country halfway though the school year. The book is concerned with practice not policy. It's full of things to do rather than theories to ponder.  
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How to Support Children Moving School Book Cover

Title: How to Support Children Moving School
Author: Mike Fleetham
Publisher: LDA 2013
ISBN: 978-1855035522
Format: Paperback, A4 Size, 64 Pages

A practical guide to supporting children and young people making transitions at all stages of their school lives, whether they are moving within or between schools, or to sixth-form college or away from home. When educational transitions are managed effectively, pupils can maximise the time and effort they put into the business of learning, rather than using that same energy in dealing with orientation, friendship and learning-style issues. With sections on understanding transitions, creating a Personal Learning Profile, and how to plan and run transition events, as well as a wide range of inclusive activities customised especially for different types of transition, this book will give you everything you need to give pupils the best possible chance of success.

  • Explore a model of transition that includes moving to secondary school yet can be applied much more widely
  • Develop empathy with children as they move school and gain understanding of their needs
  • Apply the Personal Learning Profile to support and enrich transition through personalised learning
  • Try out 15 high quality classroom activities for all stages of a school transition
  • Discover tips and tricks for designing and leading a transition programme
  • Learn from case studies and pupil voice testimonials
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How to Support Children Moving School

Number in Stock: 3
Price: £ 11.99
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