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The Tale of Blidges and Gruffles  Several years ago, in the land of Corticon, a distinguished and respected professor published a report which d... [Read on ...]

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‘It’s not just what you do, it’s the way that you did it!’ - By Shawn Skellon Whilst working with some Yr9’s in a B... [Read on ...]

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A fascinating day this week: I co-observed 9 lessons with an Ofsted inspector. We debriefed, moderated and came to the conclusion that there is a sign... [Read on ...]

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Working with one of my favourite teachers this week. She told me she'd always been 'at the bottom of the top set' in school. Music, for example, she'd... [Read on ...]


Reported today that Ofsted has discovered mis-diagnosis and erroneous provision for over 700,000 children with special educational needs. The example ... [Read on ...]

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Just back from a couple of weeks in northern Brittany and the chance to try out soft cheese, empty beaches, good wine and O-Level French. When in Fran... [Read on ...]

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Major teaching unions have voted to boycott SATs. Heads, teachers, governors and parents all have their views. The government's position is clear: htt... [Read on ...]

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This error is easily fixed. Here's how we publicly and offically value our learners from age 3 to 5: By teacher assessment of their attitudes an... [Read on ...]

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Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (and similar in other parts of the world) are asked for by employers and asked of teachers when planning lessons... [Read on ...]

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