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 "I don't teach, I'm a musician, in class we do what musicians do, we have fun and we learn" Comment from music teacher on his retirement. ... [Read on ...]

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Sat in on a great talk from a Russell Group Uni admissions officer last week. She went through personal statements and explained how it is possible fo... [Read on ...]

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School A has lost its BSF bid Neighbouring schools B and C were far enough through the process to get theirs School D - a free school is due to... [Read on ...]


Congratulations to all at Bradford Academy on their journey, milestones, challenges well-met and dedication. VP Linda Marshall has a unique and memora... [Read on ...]

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16 Y9s at Honywood Science College in Coggeshall. Full day. How do we learn? This bunch excelled: 1. They knew themselves very well 2. They could ... [Read on ...]

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Got a wonderful brief from a school today – a small, specialist group of Year 9 learners for whom I’m facilitating a day on, “what we want to learn an... [Read on ...]

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