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Gritty Learning: How to tell it and sell it

Learn this. Deliver it from a lectern or at a TED Talk or to the mirror. Or to someone else's mirror. Or out of a car window or into a car window.

What is gritty, independent learning?
It's what successful people do. It's what the winners do; it's what the strivers, the thinkers the carers and the mavericks do. However you want to succeed, whatever you want in your life, gritty learning is your ticket.

Grit is 3 things:

1. Focus - are you strong enough inside to keep your attention focussed on your learning, even when there are distractions? Even when there are temptations? Even if you really feel you can't?

Do you have that quality yet?

2. Determination - are you tough enough to keep working at your learning, every minute, every hour, every day? Even if there are distractions? Even if there are temptations? Even if you really can't be bothered?

Do you have that quality yet?

3. Resilience - have you got a growth mindset: do you fear mistakes and setbacks or are you tough enough and hard enough inside to use your errors to learn more? Even if it feels bad? Even if other people don't get you? Even if you've failed many times before. The strongest people are strong enough to use their failures.

Do you have that quality yet?

Are you a gritty learner yet?
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