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Speed Thinking Feedback

Got this extremely useful feedback from Steve Andrews who is a Thinking Classroom idea tester. Hope it helps: (see Speed Thinking)

Hello Mike, I tried speed thinking today. Touch success! It was very popular, even when I just mentioned the title.

I will give you a general summary but feel free to probe for a deeper explanation! The initial reaction was an excited one. He children said that 10 seconds gave them the time and deadline to grab an idea. The 10 minutes allowed them to find the mistakes.

When I probed this they wanted the time to improve and edit, 'mistakes' was the simplest way to communicate this. I instantly noticed improved resilience in the boys. They kept at the idea and tried all different ideas, on task and excited. The boys reacted well as a whole group, boys I have struggled to generate enthusiasm in were animated and excited,

'I didn't use the shape as robots don't have curves'
'I contest, it's the robots brain!', were my favourite quotes.

The children also shared:
 'Speed thinking gave me a chance to think'
'A chance to create things and use my ideas'
 'Very quick and snappy!
' 'It makes you think and speeds you up'

My class were keen to try it again and it really switched them back on this afternoon. I have saved the most interesting until last.

A girl in my class is very articulate and confident, very able in all areas. She initially said that drawing was stopping her create. I asked her 'where does it say draw? It says create!' She then proceeded to build a robot. I have attached a picture of the robot and some scans.

I was so pleased that I was able to engage this student in a creative way, something she does not usually find easy. The clear time restriction got her excited and allowed her to relax and let the thinking happen. Everyone had an idea by the end and without teacher prompt the children concluded that it was a great activity that no one could get wrong. They are excited to use it again!

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