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On New Year Resolutions

A bit premature I know but how would it work to set your New Year Resolutions here and now. In November. So you're all set up for January 1st? Think I'll try it. Especially as the world's due to end 21st December anyway. Allegedly.

So here goes.

My ongoing life goal - personal and professional - has been for some time now, "Enrich the life, work and learning of 1,000,004 people each year". The 4 being me and immediate family. It used to be 1m but I burned out. Life-work balance and all that. A couple of challenges implicit here:

1. What is enriched life, work and learning?
2. How can I measure my impact?

So I've been expanding the goal to this: "Continually explore, study and learn what it means to enrich the LWL of 1,000,004 people each year". This gives me focus and is a self-challenge to describe and justify the goal. That's zooming in. But zooming out is important too.

I was inspired by this:

And am playing around with the following: "Make my work such that it aims to take the human race forward and inspires others to do the same". That feels right but how to quantify?

What about this, "Explore, study and learn what it means to take the human race forward through enriching the LWL of 1,000,004 people each year."

Yes. I'll sit with that till Dec. 31st, try it out. Make it official. If there's still a human race to be taken forward....

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