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icoaching rocks!

iphone, HTC wireless hotspot, ipad, 1 very willing and able outstanding teacher, a 5 bar Tmobile 3G signal and we're good to go for what I believe is the most effective coaching process available. I call it icoaching: teacher holds iphone and wears earpiece, we use facetime to link up to me outside the classroom, observing with an ipad. I give live coaching whilst remotely observing the lesson. We then swap so teacher can observe her kids incognito.

Superb work Fleur, Georgia - you simultaneously delivered your lesson (with me commentating and giving advice in your ear) AND implemented new ideas IN REAL TIME! Rather than wait for feedback - at quickest an hour later - you did it there and then. 2 weeks learning in 55 minutes. Nice one.

Next step - I'll be in my office - coaching online. Roll on 2012 and god bless smart phones n Apple.

Mar 2015: The technology & methods I use for coaching have developed:

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05 January 2012 17:56

What a great idea. It could revolutionize teaching practice. It affirms in the best way, Einstein's adage about the observer being part of the experiment. The complete antidote to an OFSTED inspector with a clipboard!


06 January 2012 09:42

Thanks Andrew - off to BETT next week to sniff out ways of doing this that are even slicker and more effective....wondering now how we can empower pupils to coach each performace? in learning? in behaviour?....would it work in your context?

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