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Innovative Punishment for Rioters

During the past four nights a tiny handful of English 'citizens' have made personal choices to steal; to damage property/people/businesses/neighbourhoods and in some cases to kill. Following the theme of personal choice I'm thinking about the following 3 stage punishment involving a choice at stage 2:

1. Legal. Conviction for proven crimes.

2. Learning. Criminals make a choice: 

a) Either serve their prison sentence/pay their fine or

b) Attend 24/7 training to learn the skills, attitudes and values needed to clean up and rebuild the damage caused by the collective group of fellow criminals. If a building has been burned down, building and decorating skills will be learned and put to use; if another human being has been injured, first aid, counseling and further medical skills will be learned; if a car has been rolled and burned, it's car mechanic and bodywork skills.

A single no-show for the training voids this option and a) kicks back in, doubled, with no way back.

3. Story. Whether a) or b) or b) then a) are chosen, all criminals are required to make a 5 minute video for YouTube upload which includes an apology and a brief  life story - what does the rioter go 'home' to each morning? What life events have created an individual that chooses to riot and loot? This resource is as much for the majority, the victims and our leaders as for the criminal; a mini truth & reconcilliation process. Let's hear your tale before we judge you. (and yes, victims have the choice to tell their story too)

Cost of 2b)? Far less than that of the last four nights.

Please critically evaluate this idea with at least 1 'yes and' for every 'yes but'



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23 September 2011 13:31

Totally “Yes” Mike --- but ---- they would lose any understanding they may gain from me when telling their story if they just try to lay the blame all on their circumstances or at another persons door. I want to hear them apologise and take responsibility for their actions. I want them to understand the anguish they have caused innocent people. We all have struggles to contend with and I appreciate that some people do not have anyone on their side but not all of these go onto to destroy others lives.

23 September 2011 13:49

Great caveat HB - by telling their stories AND hearing others and ours they have a chance to see a gap between their life choices and ours - playing spot the difference between a life of creation and one of destruction. You've got me thinking about what makes 2 people each with equally difficult backgrounds turn into 2 completely different citizens...

02 December 2013 19:00

Great stuff - can I add that writing a Socratic Dialogue so that the perpetrator of the crime writes both sides of the dialogue - this could begin with some counselling to assist the person in thinking of some questions to really get to the bottom of their take on consequences, motives and ways to improve and remove this type of behaviour from their lives in the future. I would be happy to demonstrate with a 'made up dialogue' as I am a teacher, not a miscreant.
Good luck and thanks

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