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Think Yourself to Uni

Sat in on a great talk from a Russell Group Uni admissions officer last week. She went through personal statements and explained how it is possible for a triple A* student to miss out on a place. It's down to the quality of the statement. She's after 3 things:

1. Evidence of what the applicant has done in relation to the course

2. Evidence that the applicant is thinking critically about the subject and their relevant experiences

3. Passionate engagement with the subject

She didn't just want a list of high profile job placements and out of hours projects.

Makes sense I guess. However I wonder what we are being encouraged to do in primary and secondary to develop critical thinking skills, to foster passion for learning and to push and extend students in the direction of their gifts, not our are we focussing too much on the triple A* and forgetting to enjoy what it means?


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