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The Best of Mr Gove

There's an axiom in the world of human potential development that goes, "at any point in time, a person is doing the best they can with the resources available to them". This applies equally to someone committing a crime as it does someone saving a life.

The same goes for Michael Gove - not the committing a crime or saving a life - but in the execution of his role as minister for education. He's well-intentioned, dedicated to improving education and doing the best with the resources available to him.

So why do I disagree with him so strongly ?( - not me but I wish it was). I'm doing the best with the resources available to me; I'm well-intentioned and dedicated to improving education...but in a fundamentally different way:

Everyone is intelligent; Everyone is valuable: Everyone succeeds. And whether we like it or not, by publicly valuing only a subset of human potential (SATs at Y6; IB ay Y11) we are implicitly devaluing those learners who just happen to be talented in 'the other' subjects. MFL is valuable; History is valuable; ICT is valuable; Literacy is valuable; Information Literacy is valuable; Food Technology is valuable...the list is as long as human skill and talent is wide. EYFS gets it so right by valuing everything about a child. Why do we stop as they get older? 

We are all currently doing the best with the resources available to us. And we can all do better. Even me. Even Michael Gove. Even you.

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