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Severe and Profound

I spent yesterday morning in SW17 working with secondary G&T leaders and yesterday afternoon in E17 planning a non-closure day at a speical needs school. Wandsworth to Walthamstow - Northern to Stockwell then Victoria. Guess what? I used the same overall approach in both cases; at both 'ends of the spectrum' - if indeed there is a spectrum. Define the learning needs; employ appropriate tools and techniques to design a solution and then craft it.

Dual exceptionality: gifts and needs, all in the small learner. Gifted and Talented and Special Needs. I wonder if we need these phrases any longer? G & T? SEN? Could we replace them with 'learner with unique needs'? i.e. everyone.

The language is ironic. Last century Lewis Terman, a prominent eugenicist, coined the phrase "Severe and Profound". In reference to genius - IQ of 180+. Ironic that we have profound and severe learning difficulties too. Severe and profound. Special. Gifted. Talented. Needy.


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