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Back to School Boost

Here's a message to all teachers and school leaders beginning a new school year:

You are valuable. You are doing essential work. In fact you have chosen the best possible work in life: to facilitate the growth of other people; to use your professionalism to seek out potential and to let skills and talents flourish. All success in life comes back to teachers; comes back to you. Whatever your pupils become, you will have had a hand in their achievements. Your influence reaches further than you may ever know; and you'll never know about all the success you've caused, but your choice to teach will cause success for many many people.

Remember this when the children give you grief. See them through the whole of their lives, not just on a single day. Remember this when a parent takes you to task: they care too, they've just had a little longer with their child. Remember this when the media takes a pop at our profession: you've chosen to enrich lives, they've chosen to judge. Remember this when the inspectors call: they are part of the process too, but they don't know your children like you do. And remember this at 2, 3, and 4am in the morning as you get ready to step back into school. You are a teacher. Be proud of your choice.

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24 September 2010 09:00

hey :)

it makes me feel great to have chosen teaching as a profession.

knowing that there are so many out there sharing the same concept as I do. Spending 33 years teaching, your back to school boost is an affirmation.

thanks a lot from a humble, retired teacher


25 September 2010 20:05

Pleasure. My only wish is that I hadn't written this. I wish it had been written by a politician or a leader-writer. I wish for once someone with clout could make themselves vulnerable and really lavish some long overdue praise on us educators. Pure, genuine, heartfelt and specific praise. No buts at the end. No stings in the tail. Like we do day in day out for our kids....

Have a content and well-deserved retirement.

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