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How to Enrich Homework

1. Create a grid of activities cross-referencing MI and Bloom's (e.g Visual/Synthesis = create a 6 frame cartoon strip; Naturalist/Evaluation = organise into a heirachy)
2. Still with me?
3. Set homework objective
4. Send grid home
5. Parents & children choose homework task
6. Wait a bit
7. Receive diverse homework tasks back in (each one meeting the same learning objective though)
8. Photograph each piece and display under MI categories:MI Class record display










9. Results: more engagement with learning (through diverse tasks and choice); informal class MI profile built up; parents on board.
10. Extension: Each level of Bloom's attracts a different number of points - do activities to make up points target.
11. More details: Leanne Chambers, Nettley Abbey Infant, Hants


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