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Entries for September 2010


I've been teaching in class a little more recently - to complement and inform the conference room stuff. And I'm more convinced than ever of the power... [Read on ...]


Physicists thinking creatively with biologists to seek a cure for cancer: F1 Motorsport teams thinking creativiely w... [Read on ...]

Posted in: Leadership

According to the research, for every £1 invested, Creative Partnerships delivers £15.30 of benefits to the national economy, generating a projected £4... [Read on ...]

Posted in: Policy & Politics

Reported today that Ofsted has discovered mis-diagnosis and erroneous provision for over 700,000 children with special educational needs. The example ... [Read on ...]

Posted in: Assessment

The first edition of the UK Highway Code lists the road signs motorists of the early 1930s would encounter. Here's the one for School. Go figure. &... [Read on ...]

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Here's a message to all teachers and school leaders beginning a new school year: You are valuable. You are doing essential work. In fact you have cho... [Read on ...]

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Lord Putnam's rally-call We Are The People We Have Been Waiting For concludes that a rich and worthwhile education equally values academic and non-aca... [Read on ...]

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