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Entries for July 2010


"Ministers are committed to giving schools more freedom from unnecessary prescription and bureaucracy. They have always made clear their intentions to... [Read on ...]

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Judgement aside on the likes of Tony Hayward (pot £10.4 million, annual pension £600,000) and Fred Goodwin (similar) and on the UK's massive overdraft... [Read on ...]

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“I’m an unashamed traditionalist when it comes to the curriculum,” Mr Gove said. “Most parents would rather their children had a traditional education... [Read on ...]

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OK - site transfer nearly complete - just waiting for video and forum licenses to come thru then good to go. Right now 40 of you are taking a look - t... [Read on ...]


It's not like switching a light on and off I now realise - switching to a new website goes bit by bit over a few days - especially with 11,000 re... [Read on ...]


Thinking Classroom version 4 will be launched this week. Less blogging and tweeting from me than usual due to working on the new content, pages a... [Read on ...]