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Entries for March 2010


My son brought a great idea home from school: his teacher dished out various parts of the Easter story to groups, each group wrote that part of the sc... [Read on ...]

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Have been out and about hence gap between posts. Now hunkered down working on new website. Bags of resources, a bit of flare and dazzle, but not at th... [Read on ...]

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Congratulations to all at Bradford Academy on their journey, milestones, challenges well-met and dedication. VP Linda Marshall has a unique and memora... [Read on ...]

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This error is easily fixed. Here's how we publicly and offically value our learners from age 3 to 5: By teacher assessment of their attitudes an... [Read on ...]

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Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (and similar in other parts of the world) are asked for by employers and asked of teachers when planning lessons... [Read on ...]

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