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Entries for October 2009


Friend of mine has moved to Vienna to teach. Excerpt from her latest email, The job is still great. I love the school and the whole philosophy of ... [Read on ...]

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Marcus Chown says (rightly I believe) that school science can easily turn children off the subject. Why? Because it's taught in order: principles firs... [Read on ...]

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“Now I understand more because teachers are teaching us in groups. They ask us questions, we work on them and then we work together with the teachers.... [Read on ...]

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100 sparky, engaged and inspiring deputy headteachers in Nottinghamshire. 5 trusted facilitators, one three-headed sheep and a tank. It’s all ab... [Read on ...]

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Got a wonderful brief from a school today – a small, specialist group of Year 9 learners for whom I’m facilitating a day on, “what we want to learn an... [Read on ...]

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I am curious about this. Always amazed by the diversity of opinion about what makes for a ‘good education’. Knowing facts? Developing skil... [Read on ...]

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"Praising students for their intelligence, then, hands them not motivation and resilience but a fixed mind-set with all its vulnerability. In contras... [Read on ...]

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  Trying to find a common thread across 4 experiences this week: Leadership Training at Foxborough in Slough Thinking Skills day at ... [Read on ...]

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