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Thinking Classroom Use OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT

Success: We have increased the Journeys on Public Transport from 21% to 43% since 2008.

From 08/09 to 13/14 we have achieved the following:

Doubled the no. of bus journeys
Doubled the no. of long train journeys
Doubled the no. of ferry journeys
Reduced the no. of flights by 90%
Increased use of the Underground

Although the number of car journeys & car mileage has increased we still travel by car for 69% of our journeys the same as in 2008. Interestingly the number of local train journeys has declined, but this is partly due to not travelling to the airport as often.

From 12/13 to 13/14 we have achieved the following:

Reduced the no. of car journeys by 25%
Increased the proportion of public transport journeys from 29% to 43%

Energy Data

It's amazing how life has changed since 2008, so much more charging - smartphones, tablets & laptops. We had our office rewired this year, 24 power outlets near the desk with the majority in use, so maybe it's not surprising consumption has gone up. Although our intentions are good we find our enthusiasm for electrical standby waxes & wanes. That's why it's important we keep monitoring our energy use and we have fitted a master switch to see if we can conquer the electrical standbys.

Mike Fleetham Green Statement

In December 2009, after a year with much travelling, we decided to address the Carbon Footprint of Aspiro Education Limited. It had been all too easy to hop on a plane or get in the car. The nature of our business means travelling to our clients - and we have a lot of clients - but we knew we could use public transport more and adjust other aspects of our journeys.

We believe that small changes have impact so we targeted our office practices as well as our travel plans.

This is the ongoing story of our efforts to reduce impact on the environment and hopefully it will inspire you to make small changes too.

Aspiro Education Ltd. recognises that its work has direct and indirect effects on the local, national & global environment. We are committed to aiming to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Mike Fleetham progress

Our progress so far - reduction in Travel Carbon Footprint (tonnes per year)

We started so well! So what went wrong in the last 2 years? 1 flight to Seattle each year added 1.34 tonnes to the Carbon Footprint. Since then we have started to use on line collaboration/training/coaching including webinars across 3 time zones. Let's see the impact....

Calculated using the Direct Gov Carbon Calculator Opens in a new window.

Mike Fleetham Travel

Our aim is to reduce the impact of our travelling by increasing our use of public transport, reducing the distance travelled and by considering new working practices that reduce travel. We also need to be aware that in some cases reducing our travelling can increase that of others which may have an overall greater negative effect.


  • Use the train instead of air travel for medium journeys when practical
  • Use the train instead of driving for medium journeys when practical
  • Use the bus/train for short journeys e.g. to & from the station/airport
  • Walk rather than drive on very short journeys e.g. to the Post Office
  • Organise bookings so events in the same geographical area are on consecutive days when practical
  • Using video conferencing
  • Using Remote Live Coaching - coaching teachers from the office rather than in school
Mike Fleetham Energy & Water Saving

Our aim is to save water & energy, especially the energy used overnight. We have focussed on making it easy to turn off electrical items.


  • Switched to energy efficient daylight bulbs
  • Replaced sockets & extensions with switched versions
  • Rearranged plugs such that all items that can be switched off overnight as simply as possible.
  • Rearranged plugs such that all items that need to be on 24 hours a day are together.
  • Invested in an energy monitor.
  • Unplugging phone chargers & laptops when not in use.
  • Inserted a hippo bag in the toilet cistern.
  • Less colour printing.
  • Reduced shredder usage by using both sides of the paper.
  • Switched from a Laser & Scanner to Inkjet Multi Purpose machine
  • Fitted a master switch to ease switching off at night.

Future Actions:

  • Setting up the computers to enter standby mode
  • Putting the computers into standby when they are not in use
Mike Fleetham Waste Reduction

Our aim is to reduce waste, by decreasing what we buy, reducing what we use and recycling where we can.

Actions taken:

  • Recycling toner cartridges
  • Opting for Black & White over Colour printing where possible
  • Using draft print quality when appropriate
  • Using both sides of the paper - either double sided printing or use as scrap paper.
  • Sorting waste into recycling & shredding, only shred what is necessary.
  • Buying environmentally friendly office products where practicable

Future Actions:

  • Send more official communication by email
  • Increase the purchase of environmentally friendly office products.