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Books Open Training Events 2017-2018

Mike presents at a wide range of events. Choose the topics below that match your needs & interest. At these sessions Mike is an invited presenter, keynote speaker or workshop leader. The events are not organised by Thinking Classroom but Mike uses Thinking Classroom ideas and resources throughout. Please use the contact details provided to enquire about places & exact costs and let them know you heard about the session through this website. Thanks.

Teaching and Learning Improvement: Be an Extraordinary Teacher!

6 practical Face to Face Training Sessions: Leicester
28 Feb 2018: Launch Day facilitated by Mike Fleetham Full day with lunch

A series of 6 sessions, 3 of which are full days, 28 Feb, 16 Mar, 12 Apr, 11 May, 8 Jun, 29 Jun 2018

This programme has been designed with the aim to engage participants in a coaching model of learning. There is a requirement for the participants to have the support and engagement of a senior leader within their school to help them on this exciting journey. The purpose of the programme is to improve the participant’s understanding of what highly effective teaching looks like and have the opportunity to put it into practice within their own setting.

Who the course is designed for:
• Teachers identified as good who thrive to develop their practice further.
• Teachers requiring support to improve.
• Teachers who want a greater focus on learning within their current practice.

Feedback from 2017 Course:
"incredible delivery, making me feel comfortable"
"It was all brilliant and I have lots of ideas to take away"
"excellent delivery"
"Excellent practical ideas to implement in the classroom/tried and tested ideas"

Cost and Booking:
Guide Price: £300 for all 6 sessions. See course booking for confirmed price
Organised by: Affinity Teacching School Alliance, text above taken from flier
Further Information:  Affinity Flier
Contacts: Mike Fleetham & Jatinder Mahil
Course Bookings: (Opens in a New Window)

Teaching Assistant Conference: Motivating Learners, Making A Difference

Wed 20 Mar 18 Full Day Eastwood Hall Hotel Notts

This session will include a brief look at the theory of the importance of good working relationships in the school setting as well as some anecdotal examples.

There will be opportunities to explore the importance of relationships with each other via some paired/group work and to consider how this exploration will enhance the interaction between TAs and the pupils they work with, as well as enhancing other relationships within the school setting.

Keynotes & Workshops:

Includes Mike Fleetham & Ben Kingston Hughes plus workshops by others.

Times, Cost and Booking:
Time: 9am-4pm
Guide Price: Available from East Midlands Education Support Service.
Booking & Further Information: Through East Midlands Education Support Service

Challenge 10 Toolkit: Twilight Masterclasses 2017-18: Andover, Hampshire

Thur 30 Nov 17
Thur 1 Feb 18
Thur 22 Mar 18
Thur 24 May 18
Thur 5 Jul 18

A series of 5 progressive twilight masterclasses facilitated by Mike Fleetham from Thinking Classroom.

All sessions hosted by Pilgrim's Cross CE Primary School, Andover

These Master classes are based around Mike's Challenge 10 (C10) Toolkit which is a simple and well-researched set of practical teaching and learning strategies / tools to deepen thinking, motivate children. It can be applied to any subject in any phase. These 10 highly effective, integrated and flexible teaching tools are inspired by extensive research and designed in real classrooms.  As well as delivering key subject knowledge, use them to incorporate the development of pupils': Relationships, Self-Efficacy, Collaboration, Peer Teaching & Learning, Feedback, Active Learning, Visual Learning, High Order Thinking

• Understand and learn to use all ten C10 tools.
• Develop unique C10 applications for your class/subject.
• Establish methods for assessing impact and influence.
• Share ideas with other teachers.
• (Re)discover your enjoyment of teaching and learning.

Download rationale for Challenge 10 Toolkit
Download case study for Challenge 10 Toolkit
Find out more about Challenge 10 Toolkit

Times, Cost and Booking:
Time: 4:00 to 5:30 pm
Price: £150 + VAT for all 5 sessions.
Further Information: The C10 Toolkit Twilight MasterClasses 2017-18 Flyer

Introduction to Video Coaching - 8 sessions - various locations and online

To be Scheduled Day 1 Host School Required

An assessed and accredited blended learning course providing techniques and approaches for effective video coaching and mentoring.

Learn how to improve the enabling conditions for effective coaching.
Develop a sensitive and effective approach to using video in school.
Expand your coaching and mentoring toolkit and skillset.
Embed video coaching and mentoring into your strategic CPD plan.
Bespoke outcomes based on specific delegate needs.

Course Format
Online pre-course needs appraisal 
1 day school-based hands-on training
6 online training sessions
1 day school-based evaluation
Assessment and accreditation

Download an Example Flier

Cost and Booking:
Venue: Host School Required.
Day 1: TBC
Cost per delegate: £600 + VAT. £1050 for 2 delegates from the same school.
Early Bird: Before a set date £525 + VAT. £950 for 2 delegates from the same school.
Specific Questions: 10 places available.