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Mike Fleetham's Thinking Classroom website is here to help raise standards of thinking, learning, teaching, creativity and success for learners worldwide.

It is managed by Mike Fleetham & Lucy Fleetham and is owned and funded by Aspiro Education Limited.

Mike Fleetham Mike Fleetham

I am an education consultant, author and executive/video coach working with schools worldwide to help make teaching and learning more effective and enjoyable. I believe that everyone is intelligent, everyone is valuable and everyone has the potential to succeed.

Through my training, coaching, books and website, I aim to enrich the life experience of one million and four people every year.

I specialise in the practical, down-to-earth infusion of the most effective research-based learning activities. My work includes, but is not limited to, thinking skills, multiple intelligences, learning styles, collaborative learning, AfL, able & talented, and work on motivation, character and 'grit'. I aim to help you and your school provide the best teaching possible, preparing all of your children to succeed in diverse ways in their life, in their work and in their learning.

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Mike Fleetham About the Thinking Classroom Website

I created my first Thinking Classroom website back in 2000 when I was still a classroom teacher. I used it to publish my teaching ideas and classroom resources. I quickly received requests from schools to train teachers who were using the site.

millennium done - personal photoIn 2001 a visit to the Millennium Dome (Work Zone - remember that?!) opened my eyes to the future of work and inspired me to leave safe, pensioned employment and develop the website into a training business.

As my workload grew, the website evolved to help drive new thinking in teaching and learning, and to support the schools who'd invited me to work with them. In 2005 it got an upgrade courtesy of Microsoft after Lucy (wife and business partner) and I won the Hantsweb Award for greatest business potential.

Around 20,000 people on all continents use the site and receive monthly resources and ideas by email. This latest version has been designed and built by Vicky from Westover Computing and includes premium paid resources in addition to the original free library.

Thanks to all of you who have visited and recommended the site over the years. Please continue to do so; helping make learning more effective and enjoyable - locally, nationally and globally.

Mike Fleetham Mike Fleetham's Brief Learning Journey

Baby learner
Infant learner
Junior learner
Secondary learner
University learner (Engineering BSc. MEng.)
Learner husband
Learner design engineer
Learner teacher (PGCE)
Teacher of junior learners
Learner father
Leader of teachers of junior learners
Learner father again
Assistant Head teacher of teachers of junior learners
Learner consultant and author
Teacher teacher
Learner learner
Leader learner
Learner live video coach
Learner executive coach
Trainer trainer

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